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Ask royalty from those who use endangered species in public broadcasting.

There are many places in the world where endangered species live and are under protection by UNESCO etc. I am sure there are some kinds of financial aids to the countries harboring these territories, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana.

However, the prices of keeping these territories are much more than the income made from safaries and aids. Countries have little incentive to protect such international parks. Why do they need to any way? If no one is going to Africa to see elephants, why do we even need them?

Well, the world needs these parks because they are something to show our children, albeit just on TV. Disney has many cartoons with the jungle theme. Holywood has many movies using those themes.

I say, the producers of these movies/cartoons are benefiting from the existence of these parks. They should be paying royalty every time they show an elephant, a tiger, a lion, etc. even if they are just animations. Imagine, if these animals were extinct, or were just limited to zoos, they would not have the same effect.

So, for the sake of environmental conservation, I say lets tax all that benefit from the environment and use that money to conserve more parks/lands before all is left are gigabytes and pixels.
-- xkuntay, Nov 04 2013

//There are many places in the world where endangered species live// in which case...

But seriously, we all ought to be taking more steps to preserve endangered species. Many such species risk becoming extinct before we've even discovered what they taste like. An extinction is an irreversible loss to gastronomy.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2013

You can sleep peacefully knowing that the governments of various African nations have received fair compenstation for the use of their land by television productions. I've been to some of those countries; you can't ask for directions to the shitter without paying bribes at the local, regional, provincial, and national levels. Believe me, they profit from the deal.

Your real issue should be with what they do with that profit.
-- Alterother, Nov 04 2013

I thought this was something to do with the Euro, being an endangered specie, as the coins will go, if the whole currency goes.
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 04 2013

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