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Proposed is a construction toy realised as a miniature version of the toy used in construction: scaffolding. A scale model of the tube and clamp system, with each tube only a few millimetres in diameter and the clamp bolts threaded M1. A handheld but comically proportioned impact driver can be used to tighten these tiny screws.
-- mitxela, Jul 29 2021

http://www.4safetys...roduct/SFS-200.aspx [xenzag, Jul 29 2021]

baked - a least as a one third size version. (link)
-- xenzag, Jul 29 2021

Third scale is substantially larger than what I envisioned. The construction toy would be of a scale where Lego mini-figures would not look out of place (M1 bolts are 1mm in diameter).

One application of the toy scaffolding could be to augment Lego buildings during their construction.
-- mitxela, Jul 29 2021

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