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So lazy. So, so lazy.

You know that feeling you get when you are lounging around relaxing and you atart to think you might fall asleep for a bit?

Well, as a person who wears contacts and loves naps that feeling causes a line of thinking that often ends up in wide-awakedness. I don't want to get up and take my contacts out, but I also don't want that horrible dry, gummy feeling I might have after waking up. That's where this half-baked idea comes in.

A small (think 1" X 1") Ziploc bag with a blister of saline solution at the bottom. Keep a couple by your bed, or near the couch, in your purse, where ever you might want to take out your contacts.

Simply unseal the (sterile) bag, put your contact in, pop the blister,and seal it up. Now you can sleep, switch to glasses on the fly, what ever.

Just a little more convenient than carrying your contact case and a bottle of solution everywhere.
-- PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

30 day contacts http://www.allabout...ntacts/extended.htm
[po, Jan 27 2006]

I am pretty sure there are contacts available these days that you can sleep in!
-- po, Jan 27 2006

They must be huge, [po].
-- bristolz, Jan 27 2006

Yeah, those are out there, but they are way more expensive. ($45-ish vs. $20-ish)

And besides, these woouldn't only be used for when a nap is in order, sometimes you just can't wear contacts.
-- PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

Once again, [bristolz] fails to resist the temptation of a cheap joke.
-- hippo, Jan 27 2006

made me smile though!
-- po, Jan 27 2006

me too
-- hippo, Jan 27 2006

I don't wear contacts, but the same thing happens when I'm dozing off and remember I didn't brush my teeth yet. By the time I finish brushing- BOOM, wide awake. Then I try watching TV, I get a little hungry, grab a snack, start to doze off......
-- Pac-man, Feb 02 2006

save money by cutting out small circles of see through lunch wrap and applying them to your eye balls instead of expensive contact lenses.
-- benfrost, Feb 02 2006

I propose.

Well, maybe that's hasty.   Okay. I got it now .... this gets my vote for Idea of the week.
-- reensure, Feb 02 2006

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