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A Contact Lens Case that with a dial or something that allows you to indicate the date you started using your contact lenses. Useful for extended wear disposable lenses. A second dial can act as a counter to indicate how many times that you actually wore the current pair.

I have two-week extended wear contacts, but I use them very infrequently. Inevitably when the time comes that I want to use them, I pull out the case and wonder "How long ago did I open this pair?"...Apparently, once opened, you are supposed to dispose of your contacts after a certain amount of time whether you wore them or not.

Using the information stored in the dials, you can make a decision to crack open a fresh pair or not. Would help conserve lenses and/or eyesite depending on your wearing pattern.
-- blahginger, Jan 10 2003

Count-It Contact Lens Case ($5.95)
Man, I thought I was smart. Turns out, this idea has already been half-baked AND baked. [+] [contracts, Dec 06 2004]

Good idea. In the interim, could you do something like write the date of opening on the lens wrapper and pin it to your notice board? Not to negate the idea at all, just a practical suggestion.
-- egbert, Jan 10 2003 does it not work?
-- egbert, Jan 10 2003

Why don't they have this yet?
-- crawdaddy, Jan 10 2003

Or contacts that go black after a certain length of exposure to the atmosphere. No uncertainty there.
-- DrCurry, Jan 10 2003

I need this! +
-- krelnik, Jan 10 2003

Baked. I've seen 'em in catalogues, but have no link I can offer.
-- Tabbyclaw, Sep 01 2003

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