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Contact lens inserter   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Helps you get that contact in first try every time

A little dish shaped soft sponge on the end of a place your soft contact in and then gently set it to the eye. The sponge is latex rubber and porous so the lense will not 'fold backward" and will not stay stuck as it often does to your finger, due to wet surface tension. Also, the little sponge dish is just the right size so it helps the lense get past those pesky eye lashes. I made one that is a bit crude...but it does the trick much better than my silly, shaky and lens attractive stupid finger.
-- Blisterbob, Oct 25 2005

Soft Lens Inserter
Can't tell how it's supposed to work from the picture. [DrCurry, Oct 25 2005]

If you made one, patent it!

(I would suggest making the sponges disposable single use items, so you don't have to worry about hygiene issues.)
-- DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

A friend had a little suction cup thing he used for his, though I believe he had hard contacts. Haven't heard of something like this, but would definately use it.
-- Worldgineer, Oct 25 2005

I would vote for this if it were a dart gun, with the lens replacing the suction cup. Once in the eye, you just pop off the shaft.
Mother: “Don’t point that away from your eye!”
-- ldischler, Oct 25 2005

I generally feel that I have to vote [+] for any idea that has been made once and found to work ok.

I have only used contacts once (wolf eyes) and found real problems getting past the eye-closing reflex. If you could add a mechanism that would zap it in there faster than the eye could react, that would make the whole shenannigans a whole lot easier. Or get lasik.
-- wagster, Oct 25 2005

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