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A 'farewell' card with a difference.

With my leaving, I have a number of email addresses, telephone numbers and all sorts of forms of communications written in miscellaneous books, Christmas cards, and farewell cards. Things would be much simpler if somebody invented a Christmas or farewell card that, instead of playing an irritating tune, it has a little chip that uses a persons mobile and downloads the owners address, phone number, email, and possibly a farewell message. Seeing as this is just text, the storage size of it would be very small, so a lot of people could download contact details if they had a mobile phone (if they didn't, they could just borrow somebody elses and use that).

I was thinking of this being something like the 'phone book rescuers' that you can buy to restore your contacts list if you lose or get your mobile phone stolen, except something perhaps being a bit smaller.
-- froglet, Dec 24 2005

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