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Placing square holes in round boxes

You have been given a warehouse. Within exists an infinite amount of resources and supplies. All kinds of things abound in this warehouse, and grow and replicate like toads and frogs.

You have also been given a large but finite amount of idiots. These retards are a more complex simpleton, in that they can find more ways to be retarded, then a simple simpleton.

Your task is to create even more random things, to be placed in another warehouse.

Inside your warehouse are a number of colored boxes. There is a color per type of item; each type behaves unique from other types. This typeness is based on the typical understanding of a fool, and how much one can understand or conceptualize at any one point in time.

So you have a pack of cretins, a stack of boxes, and a warehouse full of crap.

The day begins. The task is to create a mega-thrombotimator. The moronic zombies awaken, and enter the warehouse to do your bidding.

Some of them capture rubbish, artistry, and technical flotsam inside of the previously described boxes. Others merely slap box against box, stacking them in piles and kicking them about. These are experienced dolts, however and some can place some of these boxes, like by like, in various new piles, and even into constructions of varying usefulness.

It is noon. The sun is hot in the heavens. The mega-thrombotimator is now a mini-macropiliator, and needs to be finished by tea.

You pick up the red phone and soon several hundred babblers stumble through the door of the warehouse.

The true work begins, and the C.O.O.D.A.M system springs alive.

Every single box, regardless of what is put into it, responds to being slapped against another box. Depending on what color one box is, the other box will deliver up its contents upon the slap, and then transform the contents via a simple algorithm.

Sometimes the box being slapped knows less about the transform then the box slapping; here it asks the slapping box whether and whereto for, for the details of the transformational action.

"I am a red box being slapped by a blue box, I will do red-blue"


"I am a red box being slapped by a blue box, I will ask the blue box to do a red-blue"


"I am a red box being slapped by something, I will ask the something to do something, even if it has never seen a red before."

This is managed by a very simple table, different per type, which is updated wirelessly in all boxes as the days pass, and life goes on.

In this manner, a dunderhead can kick a single box into a vast pile of other boxes, and the randomized slapping will, regardless of desired outcome, build a working construction. The dunderhead can then rinse, repeat, apply theoretical or artistic visions to the process, etc, until finally, a mini-macropilator has been created. Or something that looks like one.

Various details, about nuances of context-driven actions, are handled by very simple controls on the outside of the box, controls that can be toggled by anything, with a powerful spring resetting the control to a best-case default.

Each slap delivers a stinging message to one box or another, and the memory of all interactions is tracked via instance-type-name tables. Thus in this way any object that has been struck can find all information (all information) about all other objects that had struck or were struck by the object that had struck it.

This is more of a side benefit, however. The primary purpose of C.O.O.D.A.M. is to provide every stripling witling with the chance for some kind of creative confidence, despite the fact that the creativity is more or less pre-defined.

There is a song these poor folk sing when working, and it is this:

"Pick up! Slap! Drop! Pick up! Slap! Drop!"

For they only do three things. Pick things up, slap them together, and then drop them and move onto the next.


Apologies if I have described a million existing systems, but something that specifically attempts to use type-ness and context over multiple methods, I have not seen so much of.
-- mylodon, Sep 05 2008

Help - It sounds as though you are making a cute kind of general o-o analogy - but apart from the engaging imagery (I particularly like the bit about the morons) what's this one getting at again?
-- zen_tom, Sep 05 2008

Interesting persepective, [boysparks]... hmm... will have to sleep on it.
-- mylodon, Sep 05 2008

Well, dreaming gave me no useful information at all, unless it is how to avoid police helicopters.

[zen_tom] It's an industrial version of the simple inventory management techniques you see in games like Monkey Island, where one action (say, 'combine') works for all objects, with different results. In fact, the picking up and dropping metaphores work as well. In fact, I should have thought of that before. Anyhow the main difference is that anything can be defined as a thing simply by dropping something in a box, and that you can have hierarchies of things, and that ways of interaction are explicitly desired to be a very small number (i.e. the slap)
-- mylodon, Sep 05 2008

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