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Vent among like-minded viewers. A community of distaste.

They removed the DISLIKE thumbs-down tally from YT. I am very upset and DISLIKE this a lot. Lucky there's an app for that.

ContraLike rides on top of your YT connection and adds a panel that allows you to express DISLIKE in a chat window showing the tally, the top DISLIKES organized like YT comments, polls, etc. ContraLike reads the metadata, shuffles through the great Akashic list of YT vids, and pairs the DISLIKE data to the current presentation.

When I watch boxing there's often an added panel during the 1-minute timeouts between rounds with stats or a chestnut from a boxing great or almost-great. In ContraLike there is a running score between YT likes and DISLIKES. There is an optional live scroll across the bottom while the app is in the background. Get notified if the DISLIKES reach a certain level. Contact friends in-app to let them know how bad you think that thing is, and everybody else thinks so too. Those likes don't look so good now, huh? Viral disgust at light speed.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 16 2023

Vote brigading
[Voice, Aug 18 2023]

Obligatory [-]
-- pocmloc, Aug 16 2023

You think venting among like- minded viewers is a *good* thing? [-]
-- pertinax, Aug 16 2023

I do. They herd themselves into gaggles that are much easier to deal with. The 'Report' button is so much weak sauce that doesn't get to the meat of the dissatisfaction, and its results are invisible. Much better to have a place to put the poison, and generate the relief catharsis brings. Whew.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 17 2023

|pertinax| Guess what. We are a gaggle of like-minded viewers. We enjoy it. Others are happy we stay out of their way.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 17 2023

I'm pretty sure I left a comment on here last night...
-- 21 Quest, Aug 17 2023

I think this would be a very good thing. When YouTube "influencers" have their channels monetized and are raking in millions because of how apparently popular they are, I think down votes should ABSOLUTELY be shown for transparency. These "influencers" need to be humbled a bit.
-- 21 Quest, Aug 17 2023

So lets get rid of the 'Like' button, too. The 'Like' button is essentially a polling device to analyze what else you might watch and publicize how good the vid is and that you should like it. It really works for YT most, only a bit for the channel's popularity, and not much, if at all, for the viewer. Only more of what YT thinks will keep them plugged in. No critique, as the 'Comments' are mostly hero-worship and bot-promotion, while I'm looking for some comment on topic if I'm interested in the content. Then I'm p-d off that the title is a come-on, the voice over is canned, the writing is pidgin something, and the vids are all recycled from a potato camera. The only interesting part is the google translation, which comes up with some doozies. A laugh riot. I want to register my DISLIKE in the common transparent forum of ContraLike. where it doesn't count but makes you feel better.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 17 2023

The like and dislike buttons should have a good role to play in telling the algorithm what kind of videos you want to see, and what you don't want to see.
-- 21 Quest, Aug 17 2023

[21 Quest]

The LIKE and DISLIKE buttons work exactly as they should as an analytic device. The problem is they only work for YT's benefit. YT knows when an influencer is drawing shade, touting some scrotum lotion or other, but nobody else does. They may get a million views but why? I'm not even sure that the channel itself knows how many DISLIKES are registered. If they do the most likely use of that info is to completely avoid that subject. Stifling any comment but positive ones and completely avoiding honest comment. (Note that commenters can be BLOCKED by the channel, yet another thumb on the scale.) The buttons are a poll, and the results in the public forum of YT should be public. To withhold the DISLIKES is crass commercial criminality, and I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked. ContraLike is the people's answer to mercantile manipulation and has the potential to sanitize YT of fakers and patzers. And it looks cool on the phone.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 18 2023

Why does anyone want to support the lack of transparency on YT? Please explain.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 18 2023

They probably oppose vote brigading, which is much easier when the downvote tally is known. Linky. Your idea encourages this unsavory activity.
-- Voice, Aug 18 2023

Ublock Origin can be used to block the Youtube comment section along with some ads which go with it. An unfortunate side effect is they put the pop-up for unsubscribing on there as well, so you'll sometimes have to turn off ublock, refresh, unsubscribe, turn on ublick, refresh.
-- Voice, Aug 18 2023

"vote brigading"

Isn't ContraLike insulated from the 'real' votes by the fact it is an outrider not embedded in the vid itself? I guess you could vote brigade something on ContraLike, but since there's no way to register a full-throated vote FOR something (only apologize lamely while being negative) you're just another howl of disgust in the pack. The only way to use ContraLike results is to quote them directly and open yourself up to the worst sort of abuse from an already exercised cohort. "Elon Musk's new Quantum Juicer was getting 5-star reviews on Amazon until the tally from ContraLike was publicized, then sales tanked." I don't think that's likely. You didn't need a DISLIKE button to find out the skinny on the HyperLoop, and yet it's still a thing.
-- minoradjustments, Aug 18 2023

//We are a gaggle of like-minded viewers.//

The balance of votes on this idea suggests otherwise.
-- pertinax, Aug 19 2023

Even though I hate the whole concept of fishbones, and that's what this idea is about, I gave you a bun. Never saw you here b4. You new?
-- pashute, Aug 20 2023

Obligatory [-]

[pocmloc] Now you've got it! Welcome aboard!
-- minoradjustments, Aug 21 2023

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