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Contrasting Cheese Slice Wrapping   (+17, -1)  [vote for, against]
Ppttthh!! Blecchhh!! Gaaakkkk!!!

I eat a lot of cheese. Mostly of the sliced and prepackaged variety. But one of my pet peeves is the wrapping that covers the cheese. It's clear, and no matter how hard you look it's hard to see it on the bright orange cheese background. So when I occasionally make a mistake and butcher the wrapping, and there's little pieces of invisible plastic on the cheese, and I eat that cheese... well, you get the idea. Nasty.

So, I propose a simple solution: make the wrapping not transparent. It's a lot easier than combing over your cheese looking for bits of stray plastic. A simple light blue wrapping as opposed to the clear wrapping could prevent a lot of accidental plastic ingestions every day, around the modern cheese-eating world.
-- croissantz, Sep 08 2007

Who wrapped cheese slices first? http://www56.homepa...nawrocki/cheese.htm
croissantz, blame this guy for your problem. [Canuck, Sep 12 2007]

I never knew this existed. Scary. http://www.treehugg...ste_of_packag_4.php
Somebody put peanut butter in the cheese wrapping machine! [Canuck, Sep 12 2007]

A Cheese Knife
I have a couple similar to this. [Canuck, Sep 12 2007]

Another cheese knife http://www.cutleryw...m/cheesplantop.html
But they call it a "plane" so they charge $22. [Canuck, Sep 13 2007]

makes too much sense
-- evilpenguin, Sep 08 2007

and what happens when you are eating blue cheese ? eh ? - well ? +
-- xenzag, Sep 09 2007

This is so sensible that I thought I was on the wrong website for a while. +++
-- phundug, Sep 09 2007

Yeah...or. umm. no. yeah this is good [+]
-- shinobi, Sep 09 2007

I don't think prepackaged, sliced cheese is cheese at all, actually.
-- zeno, Sep 09 2007

I _know_ for certain that I've seen this before in a cut-price off-brand or generic. I've seen light brownish wrappers as well as blue. In fact, I'm sure I've had these several times. Cannot find link. Next time I see it I will buy it and annotate accordingly.
-- globaltourniquet, Sep 09 2007

They call that packaged cheese- *cheese food*, but it's barely food at all...
-- xandram, Sep 09 2007

A splendid idea that I think could be improved further if the seperator was made of rice paper.

I've also noticed the same problem with burgers, barbequed plastic is not at all tasty (although some do use grease-proof paper).
-- marklar, Sep 09 2007

Making the wrapper edible would solve that problem, reduce waste and probably provide equivalent if not improved nutritional content.
-- nuclear hobo, Sep 09 2007

Baked: but the wrapping is usually red, rather than blue, and made of wax...
-- Ned_Ludd, Sep 10 2007

Perhaps wrapping plastic could remain 'invisible', but have barely discernable images of religious significance printed on them.

'OMG, he... he... he's come to me! It's a sign! Our lord in a slice of chee.. oh no, I've just left the wrapper on.'
-- theNakedApiarist, Sep 10 2007

From the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations:

"Sec. 133.169 Pasteurized process cheese.

(a)(1) Pasteurized process cheese is the food prepared by comminuting and mixing, with the aid of heat, one or more cheeses of the same or two or more varieties ... for manufacturing with an emulsifying agent ... into a homogeneous plastic mass.

I don't mind the homogenous plastic mass, but I ain't eating comminuted anything.
-- nomocrow, Sep 10 2007

I love processed cheese.

Square american on everything
-- evilpenguin, Sep 10 2007

Yeah. Sorry, but this is baked. I've bought individually wrapped cheese slices which were packed in transparent plastic but with red stripes and little arrows pointing to the flap. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea when I saw it.

Btw, cheese, as everyone knows, should really be bought from a friendly (yet oddly, really quite worryingly pongy) cheesemonger. Cheese slices of the homogeneous plastic glop variety may only be bought from the supermarket whilst ostensibly there buying kitchen sponges or something in order to consume the entire packet on the way home.
-- squeak, Sep 11 2007

Most supermarkets sell REAL cheese that is pre-sliced.

I've seen cheese slices separated by thin white paper.
-- BJS, Sep 11 2007

Damn you [croissantz].

This idea forced me to buy a pack of cheese slices on my way home yesterday. Non-individually wrapped ones.

I ate the whole packet.
-- squeak, Sep 12 2007

//I ate the whole packet.//

appropriate for someone named [squeak].
-- k_sra, Sep 12 2007

-- k_sra, Sep 12 2007

Now we know who's to blame (see link) for individually wrapped cheese slices, since 1956.
-- Canuck, Sep 12 2007

I can't speak for the floor, but I own a couple of cheese knives and a couple of cheese slicers. I'll post some links with photos.
-- Canuck, Sep 12 2007

Never seen a wire made of cheese, that does not seem like it would have much tensile strength, but, then, I am not a cheese expert.
-- cblunds, Sep 13 2007

My floor doesn't own anything. Thank heavens ownership rights only got as far as womens' lib.
-- shapu, Sep 14 2007

Discussions like this are why I joined the 'Bakery. *smiles*
-- croissantz, Sep 14 2007

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