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Convenient Pelican Crossing   (+14, -1)  [vote for, against]
For when your hands are full of shopping

Today I was walking home with a load of shopping. I got to the pedestrian crossing, but had a right old time trying to free up a finger to press the button.

Things would have been much easier if there was a small slot at the bottom of the pole where I could slide my foot under, and activate the pedestrian crossing with the top of my shoe.
-- spiritualized, Oct 27 2004

(??) Pelican, Puffin and Toucan crossings http://www.cheshire...z/a-z/P/pelican.htm
An explanation of the names... [prufrax, Oct 31 2004]

Wikipedia: Pelican crossing
From PEdestrian Light CONtrolled, apparently. [jutta, May 22 2006]

(+) Sounds good to me. Would these foot buttons also do absolutely nothing to speed up the walk signal, like the current finger buttons do(n't)?

And I think you may want to try the illustration again... when I looked at it there was a pretty blurry section that appeared to be a close-up, but was too distorted to make out.
-- luecke, Oct 27 2004

Edit: Try it now. It may look a little more like a mouse hole than anything but it does the job.

I also deemed the name 'Foot Activated Pelican Crossing' too boring.
-- spiritualized, Oct 27 2004

couldn't we just have a narrow beam of IR which detects presence, darth style ? (you have to wait for like 5 seconds for it to register, to prevent it triggering for passers by).
-- neilp, Oct 28 2004

How about "The Stomp Crossing" [spiritualized]?
-- DocBrown, Oct 28 2004

"The Stomp Crossing" would make a brilliant name for a band!
-- spiritualized, Oct 28 2004

What's up with your language? Do all the pedestrian crossing concepts have to be related to animal names??

I like! [+]
-- Pericles, Oct 28 2004

Peri: You've got a point. I understand why the zebra crossing is called what it's called, by the pelican crossing has always confused me. Why would a pelican need to cross the road when it's got wings?
-- spiritualized, Oct 28 2004

To get to the other side?
-- Machiavelli, Oct 28 2004

So, what do you get when you cross a pelican with a zebra?
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2004

Some of the Pelican crossings around here have very large buttons that you can activate with the nearest convenient butt, hip or elbow.
-- DrCurry, Oct 31 2004

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