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Waiting areas for stranger-conversation enthusiasts

An area of the platform at bus and train stations reserved for people who enjoy conversing with strangers.
-- Alx_xlA, Apr 18 2014

Chat_20Carriage [calum, Apr 19 2014]

And this doesn't exist?
-- blissmiss, Apr 19 2014

Does this mean there are people who _don't_ enjoy talking with me?
-- Alterother, Apr 19 2014

Link them to reserved seats at rush hour, and add a remote spot to detain mp3 hermits, and the world would become a very slightly better place.
-- skoomphemph, Apr 19 2014

What a peculiar idea. Definitely qualifies as half-baked …
-- 8th of 7, Apr 19 2014

+ I actually like this. I always talk to strangers wherever I go and some people look at me like I have six heads. ( I really only have one!) This way I would know that these other strangers would at least be willing to talk.
-- xandram, Apr 21 2014

// I always talk to strangers wherever I go //

Out loud, or do you just mutter ... ? Are the people you talk to actually real ? Do you ever stand on street corners, shouting at seagulls and pigeons ?

You're weird ...
-- 8th of 7, Apr 21 2014

Exactly! Stangers think it is SO weird that other people would talk to them in public without knowing whether they are human or alien!
To answer your question: Out Loud.
I haven't perfected my mind to mind technique yet. That works with the pigeons and seagulls, though.
-- xandram, Apr 21 2014

I suppose in some ways this exists, but making it explicit is novel and implementable. Some people would like to talk to their fellow passengers; some would not, but there's no way of guessing. For instance if you are put on the seat next to me on a plane or bus, you are going to talk to me. There is no escape. If you have nothing to say, I can make up for your deficiency, for at least two or three hours.

However, with a simple sign (or booking option) you could gain some choice in the matter. Have a "leave-me-alone" area at the bus stop, exposed to the elements, close to the dustbin, and facing the least attractive view, at the most distant end of the waiting place; have a few nice padded chairs, free coffee, complete shelter from even the worst weather, and perhaps even a choice of ambient music, at the most convenient end, for those who'd like to talk to their fellow passengers; have the usual facilities for those with no strong preferences, in between; and everyone would be either happy, or, if not, at least in their right place.

And don't forget the preferential seating arrangements aboard the conveyance.
-- skoomphemph, Apr 21 2014

Strangers are the most interesting people to talk to. So much to learn about them.
-- RayfordSteele, Apr 21 2014

This idea seems so obvious in retrospect, but it's not. I love it.
-- the porpoise, Apr 21 2014

//Strangers are the most interesting people to talk to. So much to learn about them.

Agreed. I got into talking to the beggars in London, they were mostly more interested in having a chat than relieving me of 20p.

And save 20p a time.
-- not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2014

" add a remote spot to detain mp3 hermits "

Yeah, the earbuds crowd is definitely different, followed by those who read their texts while crossing the street.

I believe I recall some science fiction piece or other where people had "privacy hoods" or some such thing - wearing this garment signaled that you wanted to be treated as if you were not there. Mayhaps the hoodie has become this in this window of time.
-- normzone, Apr 21 2014

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