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Convertible fingerless boxing gloves   (+8)  [vote for, against]
Like those convertible fingerless glove-mittens, but for punching.

"Adrian! ADRIAN!"
"What is it Rocky?"
"I need a smoke."
"But it's only the 3rd rou..."
"God Damn it Adrian! I know it's the 3rd round! I said I need a smoke! Can't you see that? I'm busting my buns out there every night, to put food on our table, and what do I get from you? Nuthin!"
"Alright Rocky, alright."
"And get me my Rubic's cube. It helps me relax between rounds."
"How are you gonna..."
"And my Gameboy too, I got this game from Ivan Drago where you put the little bricks in a line and they disappear! Eh, it's beautiful! And then they get quicker and quicker, and you gotta be quick Adrian, you know? You gotta be on top! It keeps me sharp."
"Ok, I'll go get them."
"And if you see my yo-yo anywhere..."
"Sure thing Rocky."
"Thanks sugar. Hey, pass me your phone, I wanna send a text to your brother before the 4th... Paulie... I... told... you... I'd... still... be... in... at... the... 4th... you... fuckin... jabone."
"Go get 'em Rocky!"
"Eh, no problem!"

Rocky pulls the padded part of his gloves back over his fingers and Coach ties them up.


"Don't forget to block Rocky!"
-- theleopard, Jan 09 2008

Eh, Adrian, those look pretty swell. I should get me some a those.
[theleopard, Jan 09 2008]

It's a dead give away when all of the nuts and bolts fall out onto the mat when he's handed the yo-yo though.
-- skinflaps, Jan 09 2008

-- theleopard, Jan 09 2008

Boxing gloves cover your fingers for a reason. In fact, they make gloves with the attached (so that it can't be extended) specifically to reduce eye injuries.

I think the hinge would come at the expense of padding.

They already make fingerless bag gloves.
-- nomocrow, Jan 09 2008

Those are all very valid points. However, Rocky can now tie his own shoelaces.

Bless his massive cotton socks.
-- theleopard, Jan 10 2008

"I pity the fool who ties his own shoelaces, but I do likes to play the piano between rounds."
-- zen_tom, Jan 11 2008

You can't hulk up properly if you're unable to tear your bright yellow vest off.
-- theleopard, Jan 14 2008

sp: Rubic's cube ... It's Rocky what am I doing correcting his spelling.
-- Brett-Blob, Jan 15 2008

[Edited - cheers Brett]
-- theleopard, Jan 16 2008

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