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Sport: Motorsport
Cooperative RC Race Teams   (+2)  [vote for, against]
One in the kart, one controlling from the sidelines.

Go kart racing is a very exciting way to move reasonably quickly; driving with your arse about two inches above the tarmac makes thirty miles per hour seem like ninety. The small size and weight of the vehicle make racing one different from a full sized car as slight shifts of weight can make the difference between flubbing a corner and squeaking ahead of the competition. I have often thought an interesting cooperative sport could be made by installing remote controls and removing the on board ones. This would split two intricately related aspects of racing between someone who is actually in the kart and their partner who is hampered by controlling them from the side or better, on a platform above the track. During the middle five laps of the race the driver and passenger would have to stop and swap places.

Teams would have to practise together a lot in order to be any good as driving skill alone wouldn't be enough. The driver would have to be able to control the kart as it ought to be done, taking into account the weight of it and it's occupant rather than trying to treat it as a more conventionally sized RC car. The passenger would have to be very accustomed to the driver's style in order to anticipate their moves and lean accordingly. Since no two people drive exactly the same way and these differences matter a lot in a race it would be interesting to see how teams worked together. It may be that people with similar styles would gravitate toward each other (since they would both have to be accomplished racers before this could be attempted they would know who drives most like themselves) but we could see teams with dissimilar styles learning to work together with each leaning as the other would if they were in the kart.
-- stilgar, May 07 2007

Sounds like a recipe for having a lot of lawyers in the grandstand as team-mates get it wrong!

Good fun to watch though!
-- Skrewloose, Jan 13 2009

[+] Very cool idea; I'd like to see this tried!

I'd give another [+] for correct usage of "practise" if I could. (But then I'd also take away half for incorrect usage of "it's".)
-- notexactly, Feb 08 2016

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