Product: Photocopier
Copier/Printer/Shredder   (+1)  [vote for, against]
A copier that...Ummm, shreds as well

Most photocopiers these days are multifunctional, printing and copying. So how about a built in shredder. You print 50 pages then Doh!!! you see the spelling mistake. No Problemo, hit the shred button and all the prints/copies are sucked back into the machine and shredded, instead of being "recycled" in the bin, like most unwanted print jobs are.
-- Micky Dread, Oct 28 2003

Could you feed all the shredded paper down a chute into the furnace below to spin the turbines, to provide heat/cool, which was variable to the amount of cockups produced by the Copier/Printer/Shredder?

"Its getting cold in here..", "Quick print another copy of the Safety Manual, to the shredder"...blah..
-- Supercruiser, Oct 28 2003

"Oh, no! The copier-shredder's stuck in an infinite loop again!"
-- beland, Oct 28 2003

// all the prints/copies are sucked back into the machine and shredded

Most printers I've had experience does this. On an unvoluntary basis, though.
-- Brummo, Oct 30 2003

+ for the green idea by Rods Tiger..certainly would save lots of paper..
-- mvc, Oct 30 2003

I often find that I've accidentally set the sheet feeder on my copier to 'destroy original'...
-- swamilad, Oct 30 2003

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