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Corduroy crop-circle cutter   (+36, -1)  [vote for, against]
Aliens landed in my closet.

This device resembles a pair of compasses, except that, in place of a pencil, the non-spike end has something like a very narrow safety razor.

You use it to shave concentric patterns on your corduroy trousers or jacket, and then claim extra-terrestrial origins for them.

Of course, if evil, you could use it to shave concentric patterns in someone else's corduroys while they slept.
-- pertinax, Aug 02 2006

Merkur small razor blade http://www.classics...m/522941/196013.htm
Smaller safety razor type blade for corduroy cicles [strange606, Aug 03 2006]

I'll go with the last paragraph [+]
-- skinflaps, Aug 02 2006

-- monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

I don't own any corduroy, but I'd be more likely to if I knew I could lay my hands on a Corduroy crop-circle cutter...
-- zen_tom, Aug 02 2006

Brilliant idea. Quiz question: What was the race of microscopically small aliens in the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy called who arrived on Earth and were eaten by a small dog?
-- hippo, Aug 02 2006

From memory, the Hartravartid?
-- angel, Aug 02 2006

or possibly the "Vl'hurg"....
-- monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

[pertinax] - if you get this working, you'd make a fortune in Camden Market.....quick - patent it !
-- monojohnny, Aug 02 2006

+ cool, cuz I don't care for plain old regular corduroy.
-- xandram, Aug 02 2006

//quick - patent it !//

Too late!!
-- Jinbish, Aug 02 2006

Can it also be used on body hair?
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 02 2006

In that case, I think the person might wake up.
-- pertinax, Aug 02 2006

The G'Gugvuntt and the Vl'hurg joined forces to attack Earth, and were swallowed by a small dog.
-- spidermother, Aug 02 2006

[Spidermother], is spidermother what was said about the leaders' mother? Funny you should make that anno.
-- zeno, Aug 02 2006

But any corduroy circles expert would immediately notice the individual hairs are cut, instead of folded without breaking.

+, made me laugh.
-- zeno, Aug 02 2006

Or simply cut crop semi-circles to create fully ventilated trousers, allbeit very stupid looking ones. [+]
-- Mr Phase, Aug 03 2006

Nice! [+] I recommend using a moustache-trimming blade (link)
-- strange606, Aug 03 2006

"Pardon me, don't mind the noise- I have a hovering spacecraft in my pants."

"Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days? Who knew?"
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 04 2006

corduroy, sounds a little twisted, i'm looking to burn circles into old CDs and use them for coasters
-- UfosOverChina, Aug 04 2006

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