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Short and sweet. I'd really love to have some sort of indication of what part of the world everyone's from. (and I just _know_ that someone will say something like "I don't want everyone to know I'm from America! I hate it here! etc.) It would be optional.
-- spacecadet, Mar 13 2005

Halfbaker location map. http://www.geocitie...adradish/halfb.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 13 2005]

Some halfbakers have stuck a pin on the map.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 13 2005

Perhaps you could glean through every annotation and idea by each baker and parse out the clues provided by idiom, phrasing and spelling. Make charts and spreadsheets. Then create a comparitive program to determine regional influences and match the chart and spreadsheet of each baker with the program's conclusions. If you are a good detective and a good programmer, you will be able to accurately position each baker on the globe.

Or, you could mind your own buisness.
-- ato_de, Mar 13 2005

I don't want everyone to know I'm from Hawaii! I hate it here! etc...
-- Minimal, Nov 24 2005

If I told you I was from Turkmenistan, would you give each of my ideas a witty and complimentary annotation?
-- bungston, Nov 24 2005

Mid USA. But England sounds more interesting. I'd like to see all the custard and gravy, and the pubs that ignore you.
-- sleeka, Nov 24 2005

[bungston], No we wouldn't. But we would expect you to begin every anntotation with "In Sovet Russia..."
-- hidden truths, Nov 25 2005

I want everyone to know I'm in Southern California, and to invite me to conventions in their part of the country.

Or...to come to my part of the country...lets see...winter in SoCal...
-- normzone, Nov 25 2005

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