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Why is that all petrol companies go to great lengths to provide cover over all the petrol pumps but if I want to inflate my tyres or vacuum the car I have to get soaked if it is raining. I want to see a forecourt with full coverage.
-- LardyBloke, Oct 26 2001

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Maybe it's because they make more money from petrol. Although I'm not certain that's true - petrol's very competitive, and their soft drinks are always horrendously priced.
-- pottedstu, Oct 26 2001

Wow! Come to think of it, I've never actually seen a covered air or vacuum facility, so a croissant is sent conveniently your way.

Although, [pottedstu]'s right in assuming why. Service stations sure 'aint about about service. They're about getting customers in and out fast. *sigh*
-- sdm, Oct 26 2001

Garages in UK typically make less than 1/4 penny per litre on petrol. The profit comes from the stuff in the shop.
-- angel, Oct 26 2001

-- phoenix, Oct 26 2001

I don't agree with the WIBNI accusation, phoenix. This idea is definitely achievable and, arguably, in the interests of the garages to implement. I must say though, that I was a little shocked to see a practical idea on the 1/2bakery. It's been so long....
-- DrBob, Oct 26 2001

Yes, [DrBob], it is achievable and an _obvious_ extention of what's currently available. I propose that the reason it doesn't exist is the cost/benefit ratio doesn't benefit the vendor.
-- phoenix, Oct 26 2001

Shell just built a new station about 15 min from where I live that has this. They also have an airfreashner stall that blows scented air into your car while you vacuum it. The prices inside are still waaaay over the top though.
-- barnzenen, Oct 26 2001

Eh, have it your way. I'm off to post my idea about a gas station with 50 pumps (no waiting!).

[LardyBloke]: In response to your e-mail: Wouldn't It Be Nice If.
I've added a link to the HB help page.
-- phoenix, Oct 26 2001

Economics, like UnaBubba, is a harsh mistress.
-- LoriZ, Oct 26 2001

UB, I thought that was "Thwackk!" but I bow to your superior knowledge on the subject.
-- DrBob, Oct 26 2001

Hey! A riding crop a$$ avoidance device might be a good idea...
-- phoenix, Oct 27 2001

Petrol pump canopies have to be quite high, which means that angled rain drives underneath and drenches anyone unfortunate enough to park alongside a pump at the windward edge of the covered forecourt. I would like to see a windsock on a pole at the entrance to petrol service stations, so that I can determine which pump is best sheltered from the prevailing downpour.
-- Mygo, Oct 27 2001

After being soaked tonight checking my tryre pressure you get my vote
-- arora, Oct 27 2001

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