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Public: Ecology: Fauna
Cows Everywhere   (+2, -8)  [vote for, against]
or, "Bovine Air Raid"

Nothing's better than driving past rolling pastures full of cows, right?

Airlift thousands of animatronic cows into roadside fields and pastures all over the world to ensure widespread happiness and world peace.
-- DrWorm, Aug 05 2009

Milton Keynes Concrete Cows http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Concrete_Cows
Concrete cows, in a field, in Milton Keynes [pocmloc, Aug 05 2009]

Cow Parade
Life size artificial Art Cows in cities around the world [pocmloc, Aug 05 2009]

wooden cows... http://www.lifesize.../product.php?id=393
[xandram, Aug 05 2009]

brick cows... http://www.lifesize.../product.php?id=394
[xandram, Aug 05 2009]

and plastic cows... http://hornimports....-Size-Model-Cow.htm
[xandram, Aug 05 2009]

Cow Parade
You can half your cow and eat it! [xenzag, Aug 06 2009]

Real cows are better.
-- wagster, Aug 05 2009

Real cows are better, but they also eat. As a result, they fart and poop, which would be counterintuitive, as this would not exactly cheer up the locals. Besides, real cows are edible, and there are many opportunists who can't resist the lure of free beef.
-- DrWorm, Aug 05 2009

I like horses more than cows. And Jelly. Come to think of it, there's is an enormous list of things I prefer to those fat, lazy foes-of-ozone. [-]
-- theleopard, Aug 05 2009

personally I'd prefer ducks.
-- po, Aug 05 2009

Ducks is a good one.

Ooh! Beefoven's Ode to Joy! I like that more than driving past cattle.
-- theleopard, Aug 05 2009

I like the way you're airlifting them to roadside locations.
-- phoenix, Aug 05 2009

easier than taking them into the sky on trucks
-- pocmloc, Aug 05 2009

I think this would only appeal to people who like driving past (this might be your problem) cows in a field. I like driving passed cows in a field so [+]. Good work on the //Nothing's// apostrophe. Welcome.
-- shudderprose, Aug 05 2009

Personally I love driving past cows in a field. In fact I prefer cows to many other animals, sometimes including humans. That's why I don't want any robot cows.
-- wagster, Aug 05 2009

I was invited, and "did" a cow for the Cowparade.... was great fun. I also prefer cows to humans. In fact I prefer cockroaches to humans. The humble insect is under-rated as a good companion.
-- xenzag, Aug 05 2009

That is SUPERCOOL [xenzag]! Could you link to a photo?
-- wagster, Aug 05 2009

-- WcW, Aug 05 2009

[wagster] Will post photo(s) tomorrow via Picasa... which doesn't work on this machine.
-- xenzag, Aug 05 2009

<head out window>MMMMMOOOOO!!!!
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2009

hmmmm, cow tipping also brings joy.

I find fifteen percent is usualy enough.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2009

//The humble insect is under-rated as a good companion//
How very true [xenzag] - I myself have a personal colony of small arthropod friends I carry around with me.

Actually, I'd rather drive past fields filled with llamas.
-- coprocephalous, Aug 06 2009

I'd rather drive past a field *on* a llama... or maybe a cow if you can put some sort of cow-saddle on it.
-- FlyingToaster, Aug 06 2009

My Cow(s) in Picasa link. Had great fun doing this.
-- xenzag, Aug 06 2009

Nice work [xenzag]! Where are they now?
-- wagster, Aug 06 2009

Thanks. Location - Who knows? Sold to the highest bidder by Cowparade. Probably gathering dust in a warehouse somewhere. If anyone has seen, email me. I suppose I should contact Cowparade myself and try and locate.
-- xenzag, Aug 06 2009

A very 'Blade Runner' idea. I prefer real animals myself.
-- DrBob, Aug 06 2009

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