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I'm Hungry

I've oft mused over the short peroid that I've known of this site, about how tasty that croissant in the top left corner is. I have also mused how distant a really good croissant is from me at any given time.

What we need here is a link below the croissant that automatically takes you to a site where you can order a croissant(s) for home delivery. In order to implement this a network of bakeries that deliver would have to spring up accross the land quickly. I have no doubt that croissant quality would be impinged by tardy delivery.

Maybe, though, the croissant could be delivered in a 'raw' state in a box that acts as a mini oven when activated (using some of the heating chemical technology). Of couse the croissants would only be served cut in half, so we'd have to utilise baking technologies to create giant croissants, a half of which would satify my hunger.

The bakeries themselves could serve as realspace verions of this site. places where people meet and talk about ideas 'n' stuff each could be equipped with the latest patent office publications and books about how to get ideas off the ground, and a satillite uplink to Peter Sealy in the corner.
-- Zircon, Jan 30 2002

Emerson's Cafe in LA Delivers! http://www.emersons...joxc&categoryID=862
Croissant Delivery [csea, May 26 2006]

It wasn't that good.
-- jutta, Jan 30 2002

Is that why you left half of it?
-- angel, Jan 30 2002

It's been sitting on that plate for months. How good could it be?
-- phoenix, Jan 30 2002

...if a little green around the edges - like so many of us. 8^)
-- phoenix, Jan 30 2002

A sort of half-bakery web cafe? That might be interesting...
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 13 2002

I was thinking about that the other day. Not an actual halfbakery web cafe, but one called 'the bakery' non the less, serving all manner of pastry goods to the unsuspecting patrons.
-- kaz, Sep 17 2002

I'm concerned that the croissant seems to have the shelf life of the french fries in the expriment conducted by Michael Moore.
-- Dood, May 25 2006

Baked! See link.
Sorry, I couldn't help it. Bun
-- methinksnot, May 25 2006

What link?

[UB] Specifically rancid yak butter - in green tea!
-- DesertFox, May 26 2006

//shelf life of the french fries in the expriment conducted by Michael Moore//

I think that was Morgan Spurlock in 'Supersize Me'.
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 26 2006

//It wasn't that good.// All my dreams, cruelly shattered.
-- wagster, May 26 2006

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