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Crazy Glazing   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
Like crazy paving, but with windows

Just take a hammer to your windows for an instant fractured effect that will completely transform your home. A unique conversation piece, as seen on "Changing Rooms - Glasgow edition."
-- salachair, Oct 13 2001

(?) "Do Break" vase http://www.dosurf.com
Go to Do Create, thence Do Break. Vase designed to be smashed. [pottedstu, Oct 13 2001]

(?) Same vase, another picture http://www.designad...E_ID/1880/index.cfm
If you're tired of the animation above, here's another picture of the vase. [jutta, Sep 05 2006]

.......and the local yobs will finish the job
-- po, Oct 13 2001

The correct term is 'neds', po. And, as for you, salachair...

Pick a windae.
-- Guy Fox, Oct 13 2001

There was something in Sleazenation or Dazed & Confused a few months ago about a company who've created a vase that has a porcelain outside but a thick rubber inside, so you can smash it and dent it and it doesn't fall apart and still holds water. The idea is to be customisable and let you put your own personality into it by it showing when your girlfriend throws it at your head. Wish I could remember who it was by; it was horrendously expensive art/product hybrid conceptual stuff.
-- pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

Got it: Do Break from Do. Also a chair that comes with a hammer for you to smash it up (Do Hit). Plus others. Top photos too. Link.
-- pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

So Crazy Glazing isn't what happens to my eyes after trying to write code until 3:00 AM?
-- Dog Ed, Oct 14 2001

I hate websites that start with a completely pointless opening page...Thanks for the direct link, Jutta.
-- StarChaser, Oct 14 2001

PeterSealey: leaded windows are not crazyglazing - they tend to be leaded in diamond shapes etc - think crazypaving, then think windows.

Guy Fox: see ya up the scheme, ya bam.
-- salachair, Oct 15 2001

Aye, right. Ye gonnae bring yer maw tae gie ye hauners, wee man?
-- Guy Fox, Oct 15 2001

mebbe's aye, mebbe's naw.
-- salachair, Oct 15 2001

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