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That's $5.99. Smile please.

When you present your credit card for payment a digital picture is taken of your face using a camera attached to the till. This is sent to the credit card company along with the transaction information.

If image recognition is found to be reliable enough the image could be used to authenticate the transaction. If not, at least the credit card company has a picture of the person that is using your credit card.

(and for those still wondering, POS = Point of Sale)
-- st3f, Apr 17 2005

beter than a signature really.

How would this affect people who shop compulsively because they think they never look good enough. And who hate having their picture taken. might slow 'em down a bit.
-- RBStimers, Apr 17 2005

Does my bum look big in this credit card authentication photo?
-- hippo, Apr 17 2005

A BBC documentary on twins demonstrated that face recognition software could tell all but 2 of 100 pairs of twins apart.
-- disbomber, Apr 17 2005

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