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Croissants half baked around fish bones.   (-10)  [vote for, against]
So the voting system on this site makes more sense.

There are no fish bones in a croissant?
-- 0_owaffleo_0, Jan 28 2005

Savory Prawn Croissants http://www.thefishs...ipes.cgi?code=8010b
prawns are almost fish. [bkyaffe, Jan 28 2005]

Almost is such an ambiguous word.
-- 0_owaffleo_0, Jan 28 2005

Ambiguity - vacillation - waffling.....Oh.
-- normzone, Jan 28 2005

-1 recipe
-- po, Jan 28 2005

what do u think french cats eat?
-- benfrost, Jan 29 2005

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