Fashion: Pants
Crotch ventilator slacks   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
Fan and unobtrusive ducting serve to keep one's nether region cool and refreshed

I've found that there are certain unpleasant consequences to living in sunny Florida. In this particular instance, I'm referring to the tendency (in this warm, humid environment), for certain regions of ones body to become unpleasantly warm and humid. The solution: crotch ventilator slacks, of course! Near the foot of one of the legs, one would have a small, ducted, battery-powered fan. This fan would draw fresh, cool air from ground level and propel it upwards, through the duct, and into the crotch of the pants. The air flow would continue onward and exhaust down the other leg of the pants. The only drawback I can see at this time is the ineviable stink-foot that would result from this, funk transfer process.
-- JoeBobbJR, May 27 2005

Just implement a scrubber, along the effluent pant leg, to rid the funkecules before exiting the leg. Clean scrubber every week or so.

"Is that a crotch ventilator in your jeans or are you just letting your feet stink up while getting off on the idea of having sex with me?"

Hmm... useful, but obviously impractical... just come out of the bathroom and thought about a little platform in the toilet bowl for men with unusually large units who wish not to have their extensions resting head deep in water while taking a crap...

The difference between me and you is that I don't post my bad genetalia centric niche ideas. I just talk about mine after you post yours. Equal footing, I guess... Neuter vote.
-- daseva, May 27 2005

[+], but I'd like it better if the apparatus were more obvious - mesh panels along the inseam, larger fan. Kind of in the way that penis sheaths are designed more to accentuate than cover up. But then again, that may just be my particular sense of fashion.
-- justaguy, May 27 2005

[old joke, daseva]...

First man: "That water's cold!" Second man: "And deep!"

I don't want to share a PSP (package support platform) with my fellows. Alternative measure(ments?) must be found.
-- normzone, May 27 2005

Well, I gotta post it now.. that name is so catchy!
-- daseva, May 27 2005

It would inflate your pant legs, which may have entertainment possibilities. When you sit down you'd cut off the air flow, resulting in one very puffy thigh.
-- waugsqueke, May 28 2005

I too was pondering about how this might be done. A simple way would be to have the leg opening lower on one side than on the other. This would deflect any breeze up the pant leg. If this were true of only one leg, the other normally cut leg should experience a slight negative pressure within the pants due to the Bernoulli effect from the same breeze passing the leg opening, which would help draw the air up and over from the offset leg.

[JBJ], I would like you to test this offset pants idea. All you need is a scissors, a breeze, and some gumption. If it works, you can call it yours. But please post a picture of the final model.
-- bungston, May 29 2005

Joe Bob Jr. Uncle! Uncle! AAAAAAhhhhhh! Uncle!
-- Zimmy, May 29 2005

Perhaps a small container of refridgerant stowed in the pantleg would provide a small but intense burst of frostyness. Anyone who has used a can of compressed air knows that when inverted, it shoots a skin-freezing blast of cool.

No need to worry about putrid stenches, just frozen appendages.
-- Ponticad, May 30 2005

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