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Food: Leftovers
Cruise Ship Charity   (+13, -1)  [vote for, against]
Donate leftover food at poverty-stricken ports of call

In many U.S. cities services are set up to pick up excess prepared food from restaurants and deliver it to needy people before it spoils (in case you've not heard of this, the services only accept high-quality food that has not been served -- not leftovers scraped from patrons' plates).

Cruise ships are famous for their "free" food, which is prepared in such quantities that excess must be a pretty regular occurrence. Meanwhile, many of the ports of call in the Carribbean are at or near poverty-stricken areas. I'd like to think that excess prepared food is regularly off-loaded for local charities at the appropriate ports, but have not found evidence of this (I'm aware, though, that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence).
-- beauxeault, Jul 11 2000

I think they boil the leftovers into soup: even the innards. The natives could buy a ticket.
-- Vance, Jan 30 2001

There is, however, no hesitation to share garbage from the cruise ships. The American penchant for excessive product packaging can be found floating all over the Caribbean.
-- Norinuccia, Apr 13 2004

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