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Deep Fried Crumbed Cream. That is all.

Here at MaxiJoules, we are always striving for yummy ways to add calories to our snack foods.

Introducing: Crumbed Cream.

We start with small dollops of extra thick cream, roll them in bread crumbs and deep fry them golden brown.

Add a dollop of honey or maple syrup and enjoy with a spoon.
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 05 2011

Fried Butter http://www.buzzfeed...ied-butter?s=mobile
[swimswim, Oct 06 2011]

fried ice cream
[xandram, Oct 06 2011]

first served in 1893 http://en.wikipedia...iki/Fried_ice_cream
[xandram, Oct 06 2011]

A laudable contribution to human nutrition but *ahem* MaxCo's precious stones division may be in touch regarding trade name protection.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2011

We trade under the name MegaPants GreaseHalls of Widesia, so we should be OK.

Just noting that a small amount of batter mixed into the cream may be needed to keep the dollops together. I'd prefer to have the technique perfected rather than resort to the lesser 'mouth feel', but -- hey -- I'm a realist.
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 05 2011

The sad thing is that somebody in the Southeast US has most likely already baked, er, that is, fried this one.
-- Alterother, Oct 05 2011

Kind of sounds like a recipe to me. And you know what that means don't cha?
-- blissmiss, Oct 05 2011

You could probably freeze the cream, dip the frozen balls into batter, then deep fry. By the time the cream was liquid, the batter on the outside would have set.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2011

. . .

They're called 'cream filled doughnuts'.
-- FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2011

//You could probably freeze the cream....// Deep- fried Alaska.
-- mouseposture, Oct 06 2011

[MFSABFB] Marked-For-Sprinkling-Atop-a- Bowl-of- Fried-Butter. <link>
-- swimswim, Oct 06 2011

Stilton is made from cream - and can be "crumbed" prior to potting.
-- zen_tom, Oct 06 2011

Would suggest you make an excursion into the Gourmet Bogies site to dig into some extremely exciting possibilities.

I myself have been engaged on several ideas such as newspaper wrapped up in fish and chips. The advantage being it would no longer be necessary to have to wait salivating, whilst trying in vain to unwrap seemingly endless amounts of paper wrapping before wading in. With fish and chips wrapped around the paper, the fish and chips will be straight off the press, while the newspaper remains hot and the customer able to (you've guessed it) read hot news, while having a nosh. Watch this space
-- Ah Supp, Oct 07 2011

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