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A new catagory

I think it would be useful to have a Culture or Other category for Hobbies or Pastimes. This would be a good repository for new and unusual hobbies or pastime ideas.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

I imagine he is referring to this... Golfworking
[theleopard, Aug 03 2007]

Tip: when you recommend a category, it always helps to point to some ideas that go there - it would save the moderators the work of seeking them out.

The problem I have with the hobby angle is that it runs orthogonal to what the hobby is about - that someone is non-professionally interested in something is just one aspect.
-- jutta, Aug 03 2007

Do you have a hobby idea jhomrighaus? I'd like to see how it works.
-- skinflaps, Aug 03 2007

Thanks leopard, came across this first.
-- skinflaps, Aug 03 2007

I looked everywhere and the best I could come up with was a tool category but it really didn't seem to fit the idea being it is more an activity than an actual product.

How might you all categorize the linked idea?
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

Interesting, there doesn't appear to be carpentry, woodworking or sub's of.(Unless I'm missing something)
-- skinflaps, Aug 03 2007

[skinflaps] thats what I noticed and the best place I could think of to place them would be in a Hobby or pastime section as that is how most people might think of them.
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 03 2007

I visited the link. Nope, not in favor or a new category.
-- dentworth, Aug 03 2007

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