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A solution to airport security?

It's getting harder & harder for our corporate conflict resolution teams to get some of their more traditional equipment past airport security these days (they take a very dim view of firearms in your luggage for some reason) & buying kit at the other end in unfamiliar territory can pose all sorts of other problems.

But one of our R&D guys (we call him P, he's not quite Q) recently proposed a potential solution.

Paintball guns, very high velocity ones.

With non newtonian paintball ammo.

Looks just like ordinary paintball ammo.

Delivered from a paintball gun from the high velocity end of the spectrum though..

And no one's going to get iffy about a few toy guns in your luggage, not if it's not in your hand luggage anyway.
-- Skewed, Sep 30 2019

I don't remember seeing it but given our love of custard hard to believe this one's not been done?
-- Skewed, Sep 30 2019

You would want the "ball" itself to be soft & flexible, rather than the "break apart on impact" that proper paint-ball balls are. Otherwise your target will just get covered in custard instead of bruised and incapacitated. (They would then also be recoverable & re-usable.)
-- neutrinos_shadow, Sep 30 2019

Would it not be simpler to explain to the security officer that, yes, you are going paintballing; and yes, you're also going to a marbles tournament?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2019

//Would it not be simpler//

But then we wouldn't be able to use spare ammo as handy little custard snacks if we get peckish on assignment.
-- Skewed, Sep 30 2019

We had to make a rule about not freezing the painballs back when I still played.

Good times.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 30 2019

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