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Edible shaving foam

Soft, moisturising and you can have a snack while you're shaving. Leaving you with the delightful aroma of custard.

This idea seems to have existed before as "Shaving Custard" but I think it may have been lost in the Great Crash so here goes...
-- wagster, Feb 05 2005

Possibly? [zen_tom, Apr 04 2007]

In what flavors? While searching the Halfbakery for "shaving custard" I came across "vagina jam" Serendipitous - no?
-- JungFrankenstein, Feb 06 2005

I was thinking vanilla. I was not (I repeat: NOT) considering the option you raise, [Jung].
-- wagster, Feb 06 2005

Yeah you could shave on the bus. Or this could solve the problem of having toast fall butter side down. Have it with a butter flavour and don't butter the toast, just eat.

But I still cant get the whole licking the razor problem out of my head?
-- BlownUpGnome, Feb 06 2005

``[BlownUpGnome]: You lick from the dull edge, across the sharp edge.

Next thing on the list would be edible facial hair, yes?
-- tiromancer, Feb 06 2005

So if you stroked the rasor down your face too quickly, would all of the foam come off in one go?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 06 2005

you would have to take the skin off the custard first.
-- po, Feb 06 2005

[tiromancer] - Do you mean to tell me that facial hair isn't edible?
-- wagster, Feb 06 2005

Birds eye?
-- skinflaps, Feb 06 2005

You post this after telling me to stop being stupid?
-- waugsqueke, Feb 07 2005


What is it with this fascination with custard?

I don't understand why the fascination is with custard instead of some other food.

Custard is good, though.
-- DesertFox, Feb 07 2005

Great to use when shaving your partner as a form of foreplay.
-- MissQT, Mar 15 2006

okay, your very weird in general NOW THATS OVER DOING IT!
-- crash, Apr 04 2007

Kind of like a custard spuma - zabaglione would be good to use.
-- zen_tom, Apr 04 2007

If you make it dissolve the hair into something edible you wouldn't have to worry about licking the razor. Hmm, Custard nair... Nah, not worth posting.
-- ye_river_xiv, Apr 05 2007

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