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Pre-fitted car window clingers for painting

Basically you would have sets of window clings to fit the windows of all popular cars for painting, thus eliminating the time to tape up the windows. Result: More time to paint more cars.
-- goober, May 16 2005

I wouldn't want my car covered in really sharp chrome, but that's just me...

I once ran five miles trying to catch up with an ice cream truck only to find out it was an ambulance. I stopped in adrupt frustration and was hit by a car coming across the way. The ambulance stopped and took me to the hospital. While I was there, someone brought in all this ice cream from the cafeteria for admissable patients, and boy did I get my fill.

If that tells you anything about me.

As for the idea, bun.
-- daseva, May 17 2005

Did that really happen [daseva]? If so, it's the best true story I've heard this week. The best fiction prize already went to that hoax about the fighting midgets versus the lion.
-- DocBrown, May 18 2005

Damn! My publicist kept saying "use more midgets!". I need to start listening to that guy...
-- daseva, May 18 2005

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