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Speech recognition + Dolphins

A computer with programmable functions instilled with 'click' (dolphin speech) recognition. Once trained dolphins will be able to command the computer to release fish when hungry, toys when bored and security guards when kids bang on the glass too hard.
-- xxobot, Apr 21 2010

Appropriate for a logo? [csea, Apr 22 2010]

Dolphin whistle research
Dolphin whistle research [csea, Apr 22 2010]

Dolphins already speak a language we can comprehend http://echopen.word...ins-and-scientists/
[kaz, Apr 22 2010]

Do you think the fish, toys and security guards might share a holding area? The security guards could wear board-shorts, peaked caps and stick-on epaulettes, and could stand around going wrinkly, playing with toys in a chest-deep tank, with edible fish frolicking around their shins.
-- pertinax, Apr 21 2010

Sounds DELLicious. [+]
-- Inyuki, Apr 21 2010

"Click click click cliick clik clik whistle click!"*

*'Unleash the hounds!"
-- kaz, Apr 21 2010

Of course, they could all eat lunch at the deli.
-- normzone, Apr 22 2010

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