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Vehicle: Car: Modular
Dashboard cover changer   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Customise your vehicle easily

Mobile phones nowadays have many options for changing the cover of the mobile phone quickly and easily -- kind of 'click clunk' technology. People put covers of their national flags, funny colours, trendy designs, anything they want to. The phone works as normal.

I propose the same technology is applied to car dashboards. The dials work in the normal way (and can not change location) -- but the marks around the dials and the colour can be changed to some different, or plain funky design.

So you can easily have a simpsons 'dashboard' cover, or a Twin turbo cover, or a cool 'Rallysport' dashboard, or the digits written in a funky font .. or your own personally made up dashboard .. whatever you want (you can change it back later).
-- britboy, Jun 28 2004

Yes. I'd like one saying 'No we aren't there yet.' Nephews grrr...
-- etherman, Jun 28 2004

I like it. would also aid in cleaning up scratches made by feet up on the dashboard.
-- dentworth, Jun 28 2004

Yes, you could easily get replacement dash's even if you did manage to permanently damage the original somehow -- and would of course be fitted very cheaply.
-- britboy, Jun 28 2004

It also mean that manufacturers have to create dashboards that come off easily. Have you ever had to work behind one or take one off?
-- wagster, Jun 28 2004

Wagster, they make thin plastic covers with all the right shaped holes in the right places, so you can just plonk it on top of the dash with ease, and then go on to take it off when you feel that you're more into the Simpsons than Starwars that week
-- spiritualized, Jun 28 2004

unfortunately [contracts], I have to dispute your m-f-d. [britboy] appears to be talking about being able to change the marks around the dials or the background of the dial itself.

The links provided show protective covers for the static elements of the dash, which, I agree, are widely known to exist. However changing the look of your dials as well as the surrounding areas is a new area.

Ultimately, the new suggestion in here is that rather than being fixed to the existing dash with a tube of silicon, like the hard dashes in your link, that the dials and dash be quickly interchangeable, like mobile phone covers.
-- reap, Jun 28 2004

Baked. It's called "contact paper."
-- whlanteigne, Nov 03 2004

This sounds like a very good idea! Especially in my case, where things have been known to get, how should I put it, 'soiled' ! So perhaps I could have two, one that is in place, and another that is soaking? Does anyone know if this available for a 2006 Honda Accord? It will need the cutout for the navigation screen, though. Oops, and I guess I'll have to cover that with Saran wrap! And that's disposable!
-- KissyKiss, Mar 10 2006

I like it. I can imagine some sort of stretch on, heat shrink approach perhaps.

Plus you could install a really crappy one when you park in a rough neighbourhood to discourage would-be theives. Make your high-end stereo look like a cheesy AM knobbed kit
-- rossgk, Mar 10 2006

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