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Digital digital nostalgia

Inspired by the RecordRing, where a ring is engraved with an audio track, the DataRing would work on a similar principal such that digital data is encoded in a series of pits like a CD-R. This would allow higher data densities and the storage of media other than audio on the ring in question.

As in the preceding idea, the content could be stock or custom and used for either commercial or personal information. Material choices are still important, since we don't want the information to be easily damaged.
-- phoenix, Nov 06 2007

RecordRing RecordRing
This idea's predecessor. [phoenix, Nov 06 2007]

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Holographic Storage http://en.wikipedia...raphic_data_storage
Holographic storage [MisterQED, Nov 07 2007]

Excellent! I assume it wouldn't have much memory, though.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 06 2007

// data is encoded in a series of pits like a CD-R.// For that matter, it wouldn't be such a bad idea if the ring just encapsulated basic identification and emergency medical information. Perhaps it could be done with something as simple as a wraparound barcode, readable by any portable scanner.
-- jurist, Nov 07 2007

[jurist] I'd thought of storing medical data, but a ring might be hard to get to, hard to get off, and would require the reader to be present. A ring might be better for medical history information, but a bracelet (the current standard, I believe) seems better suited to emergency information like allergies or medications.
-- phoenix, Nov 07 2007

How about holographic data storage? See link. You could store all of your medical records, even x-rays, etc. And you could also create the worlds hardest to crack crypto key ring!
-- MisterQED, Nov 07 2007

Great for a james bond movie... apart from that I prefer my good 'ol usb drive
-- xxobot, Nov 09 2007

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