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Body networks get intimate.

Now as everyone knows body networks are are being experimented on, where the conductivity of your skin is used as a data tranfer medium. You place the device on your skin and it also to other connected devices.

This idea is for communication in crowded nightclubs and other places where discretion and expression is key.

The idea is that you carry a personal body network PDA and use a kiss to swap information from your device to the skin device of the other person. One short kiss and you've passed your unclassified contact details to your beau through the two PDAs talking to each other.
-- Aristotle, Aug 16 2002

Nervous System Bodynet http://mitpress2.mi...sSystemBodynet.html
An example of current bodynet thinking. [Aristotle, Aug 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

"crowded nightclubs and other places where discretion and expression is key."
Like you always dreamed a night at the club would turn out... [normzone, Apr 18 2012]

I think it's already possible to spread malicious viruses this way..
-- Mr Burns, Aug 16 2002

can I stick to messenger until the details are sorted - thank you. xx
-- po, Aug 16 2002

Baked as a data transfer handshake at a conference. Upon registration you got a wristband with your details on it. At exit you handed it back and the event organiser emailed you a list of those people with whom you'd shaken hands. Unless I dreamed all this up I will try to dig up a link.

[later] Can't find anything. If memory serves, it was a news item in Personal Computer World or New Scientist about 5 years ago. Since I can't find it ignore this intrusion into an altogether more developed and very elegant idea.
-- st3f, Aug 16 2002

no snog then? dammit
-- po, Aug 16 2002

I get the scary feeling that I'd find this hideously pointless.
-- kaz, Aug 16 2002

one thing I don't like: What if one is kissed by force?
-- watermelancholy, Aug 16 2002

watermelancholy: This is the big bugbear of biometrics (biological measurements). If you have fingerprint or iris recognition what is to stop people removing those parts from people and using them without their consent? Whenever you get intimate with information there is potential for abuse.

I can only recommend a recall mechanism that allows you to erase "stolen" information or have the contact information different each time so you can block a specific person from calling you.
-- Aristotle, Aug 19 2002

What if you wish you'd kissed somebody, but didn't, and wanted to phone them so that...
-- sadie, Aug 19 2002

sadie: Maybe the protocol could be extended so the less brave could kiss someone on the cheek or the hand instead. However technology is no remedy for the eternal problems of regret and lost chances.
-- Aristotle, Aug 19 2002

so now I know what to say instead of 'heartbreak'... "download failed"
-- sappho, Aug 19 2002

I hope this doesn't spread to offices. Because you know where you would have to kiss the boss...
-- pfperry, Aug 19 2002

Bosses probably would download their information by appearing in someone's cubicle or office. This becomes a wireless thing rather than a body net thing to avoid sexual harrassment law suits.
-- Aristotle, Aug 19 2002

For some curious reason, the company's monthly business luncheon has taken a serious jump in the amount of attendees...

STD's just got more interesting. "<smooch> acquiring partner's information... warning, bodynet klez virus detected! Spit immediately!"
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2002

Yeah, I met this gal the other night and she gave me Klez and Melissa and told me that if I didn't kiss 10 other people, all my CDs would get erased.
-- ja5on, Aug 20 2002

Use giant condoms as seen in The Naked Gun 2?
-- DrBob, Aug 20 2002

Animatronic proxies ?
-- 8th of 7, Aug 20 2002

One could begin to wonder about the origin of UnaBaby.

That article link is fascinating; the social changes would be simply endless. Every few years you'd have to worry about upgrading yourself. What would sex be like with bodynet resource sharing capability? Would people down on their luck rent out themselves as 'dumbbodies?' Personal security just got much more complicated.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2002

RayfordSteele: Another problem would be compatibility. You could soon find that only your peer group or social class uses the same protocol as you and social exclusion could mean that someone's body is not networked.
-- Aristotle, Aug 21 2002

UnaBubba: "One swallow does not a summer make?"
-- Aristotle, Aug 21 2002

What happened to talking and getting to know someone?
Is it THAT difficult and/or taxing to carry on a conversation?
(This sounds like another idea designed to cut corners on the courting process and intimacy in general. Bleh.)
-- iuvare, Aug 21 2002

Just don't swallow.
-- DrCurry, Aug 22 2002

the way i see it, its definately worth it, if it just means skipping the hour of yelling over music, and skipping straight to the kiss.... can you instant message by making out?
-- slyphter, May 14 2003

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