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Because daylight works better than coffee

Studies have linked sunlight to increased seratonin levels in the human body, thereby increasing wakefulness.

The daylight alarm has a daylight lamp that gradually increases intensity for that waking up outdoors kind of wakefulness.
-- energy guy, Oct 14 2005

Sunlight Alarm Clock Sunlight_20Alarm_20Clock
same idea but with a specific implementation [ixnaum, Oct 14 2005]

One of a great many such http://www.bodykind...-alarm-clock-1x.htm
[DrCurry, Oct 14 2005]

Excellent idea. I'd buy one of those right now if they were available, as the clocks are about to change for winter and I'm dreading the onset of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder.
-- rodti, Oct 14 2005

Widely Baked - see link for example.
-- DrCurry, Oct 14 2005

So you can wake up cheerfully; then look outside and see the bleak, New Hampshire winter blizzards whipping past the streetlamps that are still on at 6 in the morning, because there's no light! None!
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 14 2005

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