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Death By Orgasm   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Let's all go out in an orgasm

George Constanza explained it pretty well. We live our life all wrong. We should start old, get young with age and finish off as an orgasm. Maybe he said it a little better, but that's the gist of it. There's not really much we can about the order of things, but maybe there is something to be done about how we go, given certain conditions.

This would be a service which could be bought by terminally ill people or by a relative. Having obtained the necessary legal authorizations, an OIS (Orgasm Inducing Specialist) would first have a meeting with the doctor in charge to understand the medical condition of the client/patient. He would study the patient's medical information to understand the best approach to provide an intense orgasm which should be strong enough for the failing heart to stop. Different techniques, devices and drugs would be used according to the patient's sex and medical condition.

As part of the Terms of Service, the patient should sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).
-- PauloSargaco, Jan 08 2013

Death by Snu-snu! http://www.urbandic....php?term=snu%20snu
[xaviergisz, Jan 08 2013]

Real life Orgasm Dr. http://www.bofunk.c...nt_stimulation.html
50 bucks says you cant get through the whole thing! [Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013]

Tasp http://www.technove...content.asp?Bnum=59
They are getting better at remotely influencing the brain. This is one of the logical consequences...and a high-enough setting of this device ought to induce orgasm. [Vernon, Jan 09 2013]

What's wrong with good old-fashioned death by autoerotic asphyxiation?
-- ytk, Jan 08 2013

This is not a bad idea as such and George Costanza is certainly very wise. However I think you should have at least come up with an orgasm machine with a punny name powered by a hindenburg generator .
-- zeno, Jan 08 2013

I posted a link i found while looking for a Dr. to perform such a task. I found this guy. MUST WATCH!! tooo funny. I couldn't even finish!
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013

I like this, and would use this service if I knew I was about to die, or even if I didn't.
-- blissmiss, Jan 09 2013

Funny I was trying to Google a device I saw once (on Discovery Channel) where they used electrodes on a giant dildo to ass stimulate a male elephant into orgasm. Unfortunately I found waaayyy more than I was looking for so I gave up on that. DO NOT Google "elephant vibrator"
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013

Wait, hold on while I don't google "elephant vibrator"
-- PauloSargaco, Jan 09 2013

[in fetal position in corner of room] "I saw things..."
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013

@ Brian // I couldn't even finish! //

Well, the elephant did. I think it was plain bad taste to show the orgasm doctor drinking from a cup right after they had given the elephant his happy time of the day :-)
-- PauloSargaco, Jan 09 2013

I'll ask for morphine to spend my last minutes. I don't believe I'll have enough libido for an orgasm while agonize.
-- piluso, Jan 09 2013

[piluso], please don't take a decision before talking with our technician.
-- PauloSargaco, Jan 09 2013

Do you realize the elephant doc performs that act 5 times a day? When his physician asks how he got his carpel tunnel syndrome he would answer "Assturbating Dumbo 5 times daily!"
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 10 2013

It's a bit like my "sex while skydiving" idea, in that you orgasm then probably die.
-- DIYMatt, Jan 10 2013

Or oral sex while driving inside a tunnel on the wrong lane with the car lights off.
-- PauloSargaco, Jan 10 2013

(in a Mr. Burns creepy voice) yes Paulo yeeesss!
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 10 2013

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