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A giant couch shaped like a fly?

Sorry, I just keep thinking about a couch shaped like a giant fly... I'll link to the original idea. It wouldn't be the most comfortable couch, I suppose you could roll off of it and get hurt pretty bad. I'm thinking a six foot drop off the top wing. All the main parts of the fly should be covered and the eyes should be arrays of tiny hexagonal cushions, of course. The antennae and some of the hairs should also be simulated with fine woodwork. The inside of the fly couch should be big enough to house a sound-proof cabin with a twin bed and a mini-fridge. I think this would be nice for those people who really need to get away from the noise for a minute. You would enter and leave the cabin through discrete doors on the sides (aka. butt and mouth). Discrete doors on the front would also be available if the butt and mouth were to be occluded by other things.

The thing would come in four half-meter thick lengthwise cross sections that stack and lock together. This way you can get it in and out of the house. Like a stack of bagels in the end.

Also, it would be great for those who want to have sex on the fly, hey!
-- daseva, Jun 23 2010

Inspiration Decompress_20on_20the_20Fly
It's a really stupid leap to make, I know. [daseva, Jun 23 2010]

Yeah, coming off meds is a bummer.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2010

To recursify this, you could eat from small bowls in the same shape, and your house (furnished with these couches) could be shaped like a giant thingy. Oh gods I cant even type the fecking word, this idea gives me the heebyjeebys.
-- pocmloc, Jun 23 2010

A couch-fly?

.. I ai'nt never seen ah-han Ell-ee-phant fly
-- Jinbish, Jun 23 2010

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