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Science: Health
Decoy Heart   (+2)  [vote for, against]
For Your Health!

So when people try and break your heart they will actually be destroying the decoy made out of holograms and inflated bologna. That way you could give them a second chance without even getting hurt the first time!
-- bob, Oct 04 2014

Or just be a time lord.
-- not_morrison_rm, Oct 04 2014

OK, so you place into a relationship a fake personality, so that the real you can't get hurt. Is the body in the relationship actually yours, or is that, in fact, a cybersex avatar, or something? If it's yours, you'll need to swap out not just the heart but the entire endocrine system. If it's not, then ... the idea is to leave relationships to other people? Or to evolve into a psychopath?

If your heart is, in fact, recently broken, [bob], then please accept my condolences. But not a croissant.
-- pertinax, Oct 04 2014

Double slam. Uh oh.
-- blissmiss, Oct 04 2014

A fake heart needs to be able to talk. "Your cheating heart will tell on you..."
-- popbottle, Oct 04 2014

My heart was broken years ago by a vicious beast. I only hope to save the rest of you.
-- bob, Oct 04 2014

//My heart was broken years ago by a vicious beast.//

Could have turned out worse. Your heart might NOT have been broken by a vicious beast. Then you'd still be with a vicious beast.

If it's any solace, people without hearts don't get them broken. Better to have a heart eh?
-- doctorremulac3, Oct 04 2014

// inflated bologna

Don't rush right by this one, there's an HB idea in itself. Expand on that nugget.
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 04 2014

People don't always *try* to break your heart, it is you who have let them break it by feeling your emotions, etc. If you don't have any emotions - you can get a heart from the Wizard of Oz...
-- xandram, Oct 06 2014

If you are hard-hearted, does that mean your heart will be more susceptible to breakage than if you have a soft heart?
-- pocmloc, Oct 06 2014

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