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Of course there's already a category for these!

Instead of squatting atop a bowl which puts cold water perilously close to personal discomfort, replace the bowl with a large sphere, maybe 2m radius. Otherwise it's a standard flush toilet - marginally increased water volume, standard seat, etc - it's just overly huge. The spherical shape means that errant material never reaches the sides and the ~4m distance means that, aside from being installed on the lower floor and accessed from the upper, the prospect of frigid splashing surprises is tremendously reduced. Cleaning might be more difficult, but imagine the wonderful dinner party conversations the mysterious globe in the restroom would inspire!
-- absterge, Oct 07 2015

Question: does this sphere have a hole in the top for the poo and wee wee to go in?

Suggestion: the defesphere should be shaped and styled as a giant eye, with the shithole being the pupil.
-- calum, Oct 07 2015

I can't say I have your problems, but I'd like to see some design which screens out the nonflushable items that occassionally drop out of my pockets.
-- 4and20, Oct 07 2015

"Welcome Frodo Baggins... one who needs to use The Eye!"

Yes, the Eye of Sauron is optimal here.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 09 2015

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