Product: Alarm Clock: Biology
Defibrillating Alarm Clock   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Never sleep through your alarm clock again!

Are you a deep sleeper? Is your first reaction to the incesent buzzing of the alarm clock to bash it with a nearby blunt object and return to your peaceful slumber? Well, not to worry, now you will never oversleep again! Introducing the new defibrillating alram clock! Nothing gives you a good jumpstart in the morning like a bombardment of 360 joules shooting through your heart.

Act now and well throw in this convienent self-implantable internal version perfect for keeping you awake at those boring office meetings.
-- LittleBitONothing, Feb 06 2001

Muscle-spasm electrodes might be nice, but nothing resets the system quite like a jolt straight to the heart
-- LittleBitONothing, Feb 06 2001

Um, doesn't sending electricity to your heart if it is already beating actually stop it? Seems more like this alarm clock wouldn't wake you up, it'd send you into a "deep sleep". Unless of course you shocked em again after their heart stopped.
-- MuddDog, Jun 11 2001

After it stops your heart, it can give it another jolt to restart it. Think of it as like a snooze mode.
-- wiml, Jun 11 2001

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