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Halfbakery: Game
Deletionistas   (+2)  [vote for, against]
"First, there is an anno - Then there is no anno, then there is..."

While I think deleting others annos and links from one of your ideas is low class, it remains a legal tool for a Halfbaker to use.

So I've got use my imagination to "make the best of, best of, best of, a bad situation" (Gladys Knight and the Pips) and post this idea.

The challenge for the posters is to create the appearance of order in an ever changing set of deleted annotations.

Posters are encouraged to create an annotation, and then delete it after a suitable period of time. The part of the idea's poster will be played by [normzone], who will periodically delete an annotation of my choosing.

If things appear too chaotic and I can make it more orderly by deletion, I will do so. If things appear too orderly and I can make it look more chaotic by deletion, I will do so.
-- normzone, Jul 15 2011

Similar but different Edit_20your_20annot..._20coherent_20story
[normzone, Jul 15 2011]

Oh no, it's spreading... Creepy_20Pasta_20Theme_20Park
[normzone, Jul 16 2011]

You're too strong, got to keep on keeping on...
[normzone, Feb 29 2012]

Once again, I annotate an idea straight after [xandram]
-- hippo, Jul 15 2011

Why can't [po] follow along?
-- rcarty, Jul 15 2011

be along in a bit.
-- po, Jul 16 2011

Well, I gotta say, you've definitely out-maneuvered me; I honestly never thought you'd actually do it...
-- Alterother, Jul 21 2011

This gratuitous churn is brought to you today courtesy of the "random" button.
-- normzone, Sep 21 2016

Thought it was a new nickname for HRC email admins
-- theircompetitor, Sep 21 2016

And that my friend is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, as explained by our dear friend, [UB].
-- RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2016

I predict the next annotation will include a disgusting personal revelation which will then be quickly edited to be something innocuous.
-- hippo, Sep 22 2016

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