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Deliberately Misunderstand The Last Person   (+63, -8)  [vote for, against]
Not the catchyest name, but...

The game is played by staging a turn-based conversation amongst a group of people(family, friends, people in bus queues etc). The conversation starts with a statement(that might be printed on a piece of card in the posh, after dinner version - $25 Pat. Pending), and then each person asks a question or makes a comment in turn.

Every time someone takes their turn, they must somehow show that they have misheard, misunderstood or otherwise simply not got the gist of whatever the last person said.

It's different to the 'Half A Word' game [linked by Phundung] in that rather than being a question and answer game, the statements can be comments, questions, asides or anything that the next person may naturally want to say. This makes the game flow more like a conversation and less like an interrogation.

Misunderstandings can be based on whatever the individual likes, however sportsmanship should be employed in order to keep the quality up and avoid 'cheap' gags wherever possible.
-- zen_tom, Jun 29 2005

Half_20a_20Word_20Game How many of you bakers play this game?! [phundug, Jun 29 2005]

[thumbwax]'s anno is amazing to me. Mandatory_20Sign_20Day
about being hearing impaired [Zimmy, Jul 01 2005]

(?) Pa've website
[normzone, Feb 27 2006]

(?) explaining 'purple monkey dishwasher' http://www.geocitie.../6460/1999mar31.htm
[xandram, Feb 27 2006]

(?) The Two Ronnies "Fork Handles" sketch.
Classic! [DrBob, Jan 16 2007]

The Postmodernist Essay Generator
Every time you go to this page, it generates a new postmodernist essay. After wading through a few paragraphs of academic-speak, you realize that the argument isn't going anywhere, and that in fact the essay was generated by a random algorithm. Reading the annos to this idea reminded me of it. [sninctown, Jun 04 2008]

Rozenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead http://en.wikipedia...ern_Are_Dead_(film)
A whole film playing this. (Staring Hu S. Howard) [pashute, Jan 03 2011]

Tribute to the best player
[pashute, Jan 03 2011]

I think it is very unfair to pick on the last person to arrive at a party, Just because they are late!!! Maybe they lost the car keys down the sofa or something... shame on you [zen_tom]!!
-- Minimal, Jun 29 2005

my point being [zen_tom] is that they are too right wing to be communist.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 29 2005

My phone keeps leaking time.
-- Detly, Jun 29 2005

[johng] must be displaying that famed British sense of humour(sic), but the Chinese Communists can hardly be said to be right wing.
-- theircompetitor, Jun 29 2005

jong, are you johng? wow.
-- po, Jun 29 2005

So does that make Mrs.thegeologist Ma Jong?
-- DrBob, Jun 29 2005

Someone is translating these words into Chinese as I speak. Good afternoon agent #2345.
-- mensmaximus, Jun 29 2005

//sniffing list, walks away, slinking down low, wants to play, but after "2 cups of coffee", knows it's only a matter of time before someone conjures up the master.//
-- blissmiss, Jun 29 2005

-- maximus5, Jun 29 2005

WW4 has started already? Who's fighting this time?
-- wagster, Jun 29 2005

//Who's fighting this time?// Apparently the UK, US and China. And Hulk Hogan.
-- Machiavelli, Jun 29 2005

//Someone is translating these words into Chinese as I speak. Good afternoon agent #2345.//

Yes, Agent #2345, Governments are really just a huge waste of resources. You should consider Liberty, Democracy, and Freedom as ideal pursuits.

That should be enough to ban this idea from Chinese web access & give our friendly Agent #2345 a break from translating the following posts.

Ben Hogan's joined the WWF?
-- Zimmy, Jun 29 2005

my favourite curry that - Lamb Rogan Josh. Eh? Blue ... ? Don't be so offensive!
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 29 2005

Who's this bald Josh fella anyway, and yes, why use lame Rogain when Nutrifolica Hair Regrowth Formula is so much more effective? I dipped my finger in some once and now I have finger stubble.
-- zen_tom, Jun 29 2005

Can be fingered?
-- gnomethang, Jun 29 2005

What about orange?
-- Laimak, Jun 29 2005

You know orange does rhyme if you're very careful with the door hinge. I learned that from Eminem.
-- theircompetitor, Jun 29 2005

I didn't say anything about a whore binge. What are you insinuating?
-- Laimak, Jun 29 2005

This sounds like a wonderful game [zen_tom], have a croissant.
-- ato_de, Jun 29 2005

How would you know he's got a cross aunt ?
-- normzone, Jun 29 2005

Snot for everyone? Terrible idea. *shudders*

"MFD"? I don't think the purpose of this is to be played in the annotations, its just that everyone wants to (and thus does) because it would be a very fun game. The post is for a new game but isn't asking veiwers to "play" here on the site. Then again, it might be presumptuous of me to speak for zen_tom.
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jun 30 2005

What's wrong with shutters? They keep the wind out, doncha-know.
-- 5th Earth, Jun 30 2005

You are all going to hell. But just in a Helena Basket. Or was that casket?
-- blissmiss, Jun 30 2005

Yes. Yes it is a helluva musket, but how do you know aunt Hellen?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 30 2005

Aren't Helen? None of them? Then who is she? *shutters*
-- not_only_but_also, Jun 30 2005

Greek Muskrats are very tasty.
-- Zimmy, Jun 30 2005

that, my friend, *is* chinese whispers.

you forgot to mention that the messages were verbal. (well, you did actually but it was well hidden). I prefer the pen and pencil method myself.

<psst! pew>
-- po, Jun 30 2005

Funny name, Chinese Whispers. Is your friend a boy or a girl?
-- moomintroll, Jun 30 2005

cheese mate, ripe Stilton.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 30 2005

Checkmate, Paris Hilton. (the hard drive on our server at work went kaploey to day. Thank Jutta for the 1/2 Bakery.)
-- Zimmy, Jun 30 2005

Spelling is just a concept for you, isn't it Pa`?
-- waugsqueke, Jun 30 2005

"Spelling IS just a con, ('cept for Hugh), isn't it, Paw?"
-- normzone, Jun 30 2005

When did you get out of jail Paw?
-- kjjpdx, Jul 01 2005

If one already misunderstands everything, do we get a lifetime exemption from the early rounds .

No qualifying school? Yeehaw, I get to play!

(Ur, if it's alright with the bakesperson.)
-- blissmiss, Jul 01 2005

Now I don't like you. I find you insulting, and cruel. I now want you smooshed like yesterday's bubble gum.

Yesterday, I wanted you to become part of a group outside HB.

Now I want dustin to poop on your head.

I retract the invitation that I gave, thinking that [Pa've], had grown into being a polite person. Something like an adult.

-- blissmiss, Jul 01 2005

My mysteriously tight underpants are swollen.
-- darkboy115, Jul 01 2005

You have a woolen arse?
-- daseva, Jul 01 2005

This thread is giving me flashbacks of conversations with my hard-of-hearing grandmother.
-- Machiavelli, Jul 01 2005

This kind of thing is common. It starts with a smart-ass trying to show off being clever by twisting what he heard into something silly. It's funny the first time, and maybe the 4th time. But try doing this for more than 5 times in a row without really annoying everyone and see where you get.
-- sophocles, Jul 01 2005

I met a man who had a head injury from shrapnel in one of our wars..probably would have been Korea, based on his age.

His hearing was fine, but conversing with him was like this anyway.
-- normzone, Jul 01 2005

some people are so annoying that it is simpler and more polite just to pretend that we cannot hear them.

that's a shame, normzone.
-- po, Jul 01 2005

Yes, but he seemed happy. Although if he'd been unhappy, I don't think he could have told me about it using words.
-- normzone, Jul 01 2005

This happens everytime I get drunk.
-- Noexit, Jul 01 2005

// her hearing aides //

I didn't know you could hire people to do that. Do they just repeat everything people say into her ear really loudly?
-- waugsqueke, Jul 01 2005

I think the objection might be that hearing aids would be more spellatically correct.
-- Zimmy, Jul 01 2005

Operator's voice: "The fingers you have used to dial with are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, mash the keypad with your palm now."
-The Simpsons
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jul 02 2005

After reading a few comments, on a few ideas, [P], chill. Lordy, lordy, do you always enjoy looking at a road map, folding it up for an hour, and then ignoring what you read.

There is, I believe, few here that think you are a troll, or an annoyance, or someone who can't become a very crusty old baker. Ya just gotta respect everyone. Here, or in the real world you live in. It's really very simple.

I, for one, hope you can adjust, just a wee bit. Your're not dumb, nor does that approach work for you.
-- blissmiss, Jul 02 2005

Oooh- Drama.

I hope Chloe's two do find a solution.
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jul 03 2005

Ma Johng ..... Hah!
-- reensure, Jul 03 2005

Your younger what...?
-- Stoo, Jul 03 2005

Never been there, Angkor Wat, but hope to some day.
-- DrBob, Jul 04 2005

I was down there on Saturday night - had a few pints and watched the concert, then went on to the Dog & Duck.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

I have a few ideas about what could be misunderstood about dog & duck (the latter in particular) but it probably ought not be expressed here...
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jul 04 2005

Yeah, it was the first one she bought from Victoria's Secret.
-- baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

twenty to six
-- benfrost, Jul 05 2005

I'll say there's plenty to fix! First of all, it seems like a lot of people here are either not paying attention or they are deliberately misunderstanding the last person. How can you carry on a decent conversation under those conditions? And secondly, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding going on as well. I suggest a good brainwashing for one and all.
-- Canuck, Jul 05 2005

//I suggest a good brainwashing for one and all// Call for Dyno-rod.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2005

Is that what they're calling him these days? I always liked the Kenny Everett version best, you know, where his bum got bigger and bigger until it was swollen beyond all bounds of nomality.
-- zen_tom, Jul 05 2005

Do you mean the city limits of Nome, Alaska, or the boundries of my existence?
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

What is a troll? And please do not humorously misunderstand that question, or tell me it's a mythcal creature that turns to stone when exposed to sunlight.
-- notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

Say something about the belfries of Essex, [normzone]? I prefer to stay out of them.
-- notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

I prefer the fries at my local fish shop. Tres bel.
-- spidermother, Feb 27 2006

From google: a newsgroup post that is deliberately incorrect, intended to provoke readers; or a person who makes such a post. Oh, never mind.
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

I though a troll was a way to catch fish...?
-- neutrinos_shadow, Feb 27 2006

Yes, but whether it catches any or not it will be back before dawn.
-- spidermother, Feb 27 2006

Is it just me, or did [Pa've] completely self destruct?

I was reading this, caught a bit of the unpleasantness at the middle, and tried to search for him. All his anno's are gone, and I know he annotated on a few of my ideas. Did I miss something big?
-- notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

He went off in a huff, declaring that he was going to start a bigger and better bakery. He has a site someplace, echoing and deserted for the most part.
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

That's kind of sad. If I ever got that disgruntled with my fellow 'bakers I'd just go and spend some time interacting with people in the real world. I'd be scurrying back here quick sticks.
-- spidermother, Feb 27 2006

Yes, but you're not a twat.
-- wagster, Feb 27 2006

Thanks, [wags]. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding ;-)

Good game, by the way. Has anyone ever played the one where you respond to the second-to-last thing that was said? You could combine the two.
-- spidermother, Feb 27 2006

I did! I did! I taw a puddy twat.
-- coprocephalous, Feb 27 2006

Who said anything about how long a second should last?
-- wagster, Feb 27 2006

What's the name of his rogue site site? Has it found our site's weakness in the form of an air vent/ faulty wiring?
-- notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

The second shoe'd use the same last as the first, but back to front.
-- spidermother, Feb 27 2006

-- DrCurry, Feb 27 2006

[notmarkflynn], see link.
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

do not mark that fin with ink, see? purple monkey dishwasher +(please see link, not intended for normzone, sorry -he's cute)
-- xandram, Feb 27 2006

If I recall correctly [notmarkflynn], he averaged a similar bun to fish ratio as you seem to be observing. Of course he was never willing to show any humility and ricocheted (Is this a word?) between fairly entertaining to downright arrogant. This seems one of his not so shining moments.

[wags], it's an easy thing to say from your point of view, but he had well over a hundred ideas that he thought were good. At least 70 of them we had collectively decided weren't. Facing that amount of rejection, I'm not altogether surprised that he turned against the halfbakery. (I'm also a little entertained that we no longer qualify for his 'Fun and Interesting Links' list)
-- hidden truths, Feb 27 2006

Thanks for coming to my defense, [bigsleep], but the truth of the matter is that I am a purple monkey dishwasher, although only recreationally and not as a profession.

I have always been a fan of dueling, but dawn is reserved for assassins in my book. Are you offering to be my second, or defend my honor? Can I sleep in late while you take care of it?
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

Out of interest then [norm]. What is a purple monkey dishwasher? Is it a purple monkey that washes dishes? Or a dishwasher for purple monkeys? A dishwasher for monkeys that happens to be purple or a machine to wash purple monkey dishes?
-- hidden truths, Feb 27 2006


I'd opt for the purple machine that washes monkey-dishes.
-- zen_tom, Feb 27 2006

Sorry, can't hear you. Could you speak up?
-- normzone, Feb 27 2006

Hey, that gives me an idea for an echo - Ask For Explanation From Last But One Person.
-- egbert, Feb 27 2006

Is it like Esperanto?
-- spidermother, Feb 28 2006

What, you mean black coffee in a little cup?
-- coprocephalous, Feb 28 2006

I've got the waterfront covered.
-- egbert, Feb 28 2006

I've got a kitchen cupboard.
-- DrBob, Feb 28 2006

<aside>I particularly enjoyed and was impressed by [Jinbish]'s calculations last week, proving, in the end, and on an entirely different idea, that [Vernon] has a very small kitchen. I would like to take this opportunity to simultaneously thank [Jinbish] for providing such enjoyable workings, and also to apologise to [Vernon] (in this completely inappropriate location) for instigating something so totally off-topic on his idea. I would have apologised on the idea in question, but I didn't want to off-topic it any more that I already had - plus I was enjoying the results so much, I didn't want to spoil them. I thought putting an apology here would be a good idea, because if I worded it incorrectly, it would simply look as though I was attempting to join in with the game, rather than simply being an ass.
-- zen_tom, Feb 28 2006

[zen tom], no offense taken. I understand that the HB is rather free of discipline. And it probably couldn't be what it is, if it had it. :)
-- Vernon, Feb 28 2006

[bigsleep] [mfd] Bad science / Magic. Esperanto is a language and therefore cannot be placed in a small cup. Please do some research before you waste our time with these ideas that can easily be proved impossible.
-- spidermother, Feb 28 2006

Just how big of a CPU do you need?
-- Zimmy, Feb 28 2006

Misheard Lyrics:
Johnny Cash with deluge in a paper cup.
Original Lyrics:
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup.
-- normzone, Feb 28 2006

Robert De Niro's waiting.
-- normzone, Feb 28 2006

No doubt fiddling, while Rome burns
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 28 2006

[bigsleep] I am the solipsist. Don't do that, they deserve to see you sober.
-- spidermother, Mar 01 2006

Yeah, this is a pretty sloppy list.
-- notmarkflynn, Mar 01 2006

I've been trying to cut down.
-- normzone, Mar 01 2006

Well, then go to town. You deserve it.
-- notmarkflynn, Mar 01 2006

Are surfeits like forfeits? If so, do them yourself.
-- egbert, Mar 01 2006

Bath salts, with or without the loofah.
-- jonthegeologist, Mar 02 2006

Really? How far? I'm bursting for a pee!
-- captain jack, Jan 16 2007

<Two Ronnies> Peas? Here you go, one tin of peas! </TR>

-- DrBob, Jan 16 2007

I never thought that a tin of grease was kinky. It's how you use it, I suppose.
-- Ling, Jan 16 2007

Those suppositories better be greased up then.
-- Trickytracks, Jan 16 2007

But it is only natural for a tin of grease to be kinky; the kinks in the surface enhance grip, which is essential when handling a greasy tin. Why [Ling], you act as if there were something queer about the word "kinky", and that a tin would be wrong to be such.
-- Veho, Jan 16 2007

I believe I just read something about ten kinky wongs.
-- shapu, Jan 16 2007

You just said something about Kinky Friedman's Bongs?
-- Zimmy, Jan 16 2007

Whoever King Keefreemen is, I don't think you should accuse him of taking bungs without some proof to back you up.
-- imaginality, Jan 17 2007

Oh, tennis player as well, was he? Well, I'm not a priest, but if you insist... I bless you, my son.
-- imaginality, Jan 17 2007

You want a bun forced upon you? My, what a strange fellow.
-- Veho, Jan 17 2007

Yes, a very strange instrument to learn.
-- skinflaps, Jan 17 2007

Instrumental urns are, by their very nature, strange.
-- jtp, Jan 17 2007

I agree, for men to learn it is a strain.
-- dentworth, Jan 17 2007

Take the "S" train? Yeah, that would be mental. But I take the "W" just to 17th street. I saw James Last there once on the platform.
-- the_jxc, Jan 17 2007

James was last on the platform? I hope he managed to get on.
-- Veho, Jan 17 2007

He has aged a good bit, but She-Ra's still pretty hot.
-- nomocrow, Jan 17 2007

Well, Solomon certainly thought so.
-- shapu, Jan 17 2007

Yah mon...he sought dough...
-- xandram, Jan 17 2007

over the harbour bridge, take a left.
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 17 2007

Yes, that's right, it should be left of the arbour's ditch, then straight on until you hit the dam.
-- Trickytracks, Jan 18 2007

I always hated that Goddamm snitch.
-- methinksnot, Jan 18 2007

Yeah, spindly little legs, big scaly eyes, always going on about his "precious", the guy made me sick!
-- theleopard, Jan 18 2007

"You have good luck"???? I don't believe in that. Everything's predetermined.
-- Murdoch, Jan 18 2007

You've previously termite proofed your aviary? Why? Are termites a particular problem in your neck of the woods?
-- BunsenHoneydew, Jan 19 2007

Your neck feels wooden? A massage should help.
-- Veho, Jan 19 2007

I realise that this is good fun, but perhaps comments should concentrate on the virtues of the suggested game, rather than on actually playing it.
-- angel, Jan 19 2007

How can say it without actually saying it? I think four lemons would be more reasonable.
-- webfishrune, Jan 19 2007

I dunno about phlegm on surcease an' all, either. But if, once you've stopped coughing, you can clear your throat, that's gotta be a good thing. Catarrh-related expectoration can be messy, though.
-- Murdoch, Jan 19 2007

//I realise that this is good fun, but perhaps comments should concentrate on the virtues of the suggested game, rather than on actually playing it.//

Yep, I was asked to remove one of my ideas because the thread turned into the game.(It popped back after the crash though without 35 pages of anno's off a printer)
-- skinflaps, Jan 19 2007

You head turned into game?

Grouse or pheasant I hope. Load my gun for me.
-- webfishrune, Jan 19 2007

Why would I loan you my gun? I can't even afford the ammo.
-- Jscotty, Jan 19 2007

Part of the name has fallen off.
-- wagster, Jan 19 2007

the last of my mane has fallen off? Damn this liony premature hairloss
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 22 2007

The hard part about reading this is the recurring illusion that there is actually a thread of sane conversation going, and that you just happen to skip over the annotation that makes it all make sense.
-- normzone, Jan 22 2007

Gosh no you say, Maine has fallen off?
Oh wait...that was a bit scatterhaired of me to leap to such a maturized assumption. Perhaps you were refering to only the main street there?
-- blissmiss, Jan 22 2007

Your brain had fallen off? Well done I say, its probably happier at floor-level. So which part of your anatomy is thinking now?
-- webfishrune, Jan 25 2007

Oh Hazlenuts, fishrum...Who knows? I always was afraid of elevators. (Good god my hare stands straight up on end when I board a lift!)
-- blissmiss, Jan 26 2007

Rachel's nuts? I always thought she had it all together. And yes Darth Vader is a pretty intimidating idividual... there's no shame in being scared of him.
-- Pac-man, Jan 26 2007

When I saw that Jon was nuts, I thought of Hazel's?
-- blissmiss, Jan 26 2007

Dark ping-pong? That doesn't make any sense. Great idea, +1
-- gutza, Jan 26 2007

Duck table tennis? That's so batty it's for the birds.
-- Jinbish, Jan 26 2007

We should all be for the birds, they've been here lots longer than we have.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 26 2007

You live in a yurt you say? Good luck to you, i'd like a yurt.
-- webfishrune, Jan 26 2007

m-f-d. magic.
-- jaksplat, Jan 28 2007

Yes indeed; quite enchanting.
-- pertinax, Jan 29 2007

I to have always found meditation very relaxing.
-- jhomrighaus, Jan 29 2007

You don't have to think about it for all that long. It's just one idea.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jun 04 2008

Just as you say, this idea is just wonderful!
-- Voice, Jun 04 2008

it isn't, I still had screws left over after I assembled the wall unit.
-- FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2008

When will this constant badgering of the Walnut Assemblage cease? So they wear crewneck pullovers! Big deal. At least they have the decency to eschew Speedos.
-- Canuck, Jun 04 2008

//eschew// Gesundheit!
-- zen_tom, Jun 04 2008

zen_tom -- Isn't 'guess and hide' a completely different party game? Similar to 'hide and seek'??
-- britboy, Jun 04 2008

Hidden Sick is quite another party game altogether.
-- zen_tom, Jun 04 2008

It's one thing to skip a day of work and claim you were sick, but a party? You are dull.
-- Bad Jim, Jun 04 2008

he's not a doll, he's an action figure.
-- jaksplat, Jun 04 2008


for a similar literary experience, see The Postmodernist Essay Generator [link].
-- sninctown, Jun 04 2008

Forest military experience? Did you train at Ft.Bragg too, [sninctown]?

Stayed mostly in "area J" myself, but wandered off the map a few times here and there.
-- MikeD, Jun 04 2008

I would like to wander off and take a nap here also.
-- Ozone, Jun 04 2008

Don't we all like to ponder how often our chips tend to snap in the salsa and why it occurs more often when you're on your fifth beer instead of your first?
-- quantum_flux, Jun 05 2008

any sheep napping in the tundra would be polar bear food.
-- FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2008

Yes, I see you point. One might further postulate that a polar bear napping in the dales would be sheep food, n'est pas?
-- theleopard, Jun 05 2008

beer or ale and salsa may be cheap but you still need chips for roughage.
-- FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2008

Be Errol, in D'Salsa May?

Haven't seen it, but I did see him in Robin Hood. Tell me, can you do a good Melville Cooper?
-- MikeD, Jun 05 2008

You saw him robin' hoods?

It's normally hoodies that rob Melville's Mini Cooper.
-- britboy, Jun 05 2008

"well, let's mix

where Rockefellers walk with sticks

or umbrellas

in their mitts,

Puttin' on the Ritz"
-- Zimmy, Jun 05 2008

Fixing the rockets with sticks and umbrellas when the rockets are in their pits. Nice prank to make on NASA.
-- kamathln, May 24 2009

I forgot this one. Thanks for the laugh.
-- blissmiss, Jul 20 2010

But, I didn't even rinse you off bliss.
-- daseva, Jul 20 2010

Well, huffing and puffing, I put that friggin purple monkey in my dishwasher, and dammit if it didn't leap right on out of there today.
-- blissmiss, Jul 20 2010

Puffin huffing has been deemed a health hazard. Purple monkeys wearing dishdahahs are probably best avoided.
-- Twizz, Jul 20 2010

RT @Twizz Toughened Muffin has been deemed a health hazard. Burglar monkeys riding rickshaws are probably best avoided.
-- kamathln, Jul 20 2010

That's what I said....
-- 4whom, Jul 20 2010

Speaking of studying a lot, I came across a wonderful piece at Sotheby's, just the other day.
-- 4whom, Jul 20 2010

-- blissmiss, Jul 20 2010

Not as much as motorboating a purely innocent "pass the pigs" set, circa 1987.
-- 4whom, Jul 20 2010

but I don't have the pigs.
-- pocmloc, Jul 21 2010

duh! You dont have to shave you pigs!
-- kamathln, Jul 21 2010

What shape are figs?
-- Twizz, Jul 21 2010

They're in pretty good shape, for figs, but if they were lemons, I'd give them a miss.
-- mouseposture, Jul 22 2010

It's refreshing to see someone so comfortable with sexuality.
-- rcarty, Jul 22 2010

You want what? No. Well, maybe, but buy me a couple of beers first
-- xxobot, Jul 23 2010

Tell me about trigonometry!

I FIGure ...

Egbert, Ergbert!

Have you got Dr. Bob's head?

Farmer John's Drama Llama!

unabubba built a time machine!

Austerity = Layoffs.

Got a Moose? Got a Moose?

Make 'em do a tango!

Mark Twain is the best Alien I've ever Groked!

Pee inside of Fox "news".

Peel stickers off a rubic's cube!

Galileo! Galileo! Why did you fold?

A diety was a communist - you see?
-- Zimmy, Jul 23 2010

Nice reading list. Do you have all the books?
-- kamathln, Jul 24 2010

Not if it is folded back on itself
-- pocmloc, Aug 30 2010

I don't see how folded bacon would help with book storage!
-- DrBob, Aug 31 2010

-- DrBob, Aug 31 2010

Greased pine? That would make it rather hard to climb, no?
-- jonthegeologist, Sep 13 2010

It can't climb, it has no opposable thumbs.
-- baconbrain, Sep 14 2010

Who cares if they fight, they're homeless!
-- daseva, Sep 14 2010

Harmless! You would not have said that if you had been here!
-- 4whom, Sep 16 2010

Oh, we've been here before.
-- jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2010

Jon, perhaps you can answer this query, in the UK we have jelly (set with gelatine), and jam, (fruit plus sugar with the bits in), and we also have jelly (fruit with sugar but no bits). In America they have jello (with gelatine), and jelly - how do they differentiate biween the bitty and bitless types? Also, what if you make a jelly (a gello-style one) but set it with a vegetarian substance like agar? What would you call that? Thanks.
-- pocmloc, Oct 04 2010

What is so great about a miss understanding what he wrote?
-- kamathln, Oct 05 2010


Do you mean (hip) popotamous understanding? Very minimal, I should think.
-- Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

You might be thinking of zeolites, or maybe asbestos. They can be quite furry minerals.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 05 2010

//You might be thinking//

As best as I can, you mean?

Oh, zeolites *are* Fairy Animals.
-- Boomershine, Oct 05 2010

My friends all have Porches, I must make amends.
-- normzone, Oct 06 2010

Do you live in Australia, [NZ]?
-- pocmloc, Oct 06 2010

Yeah, Australia is often referred to as the "West Island" of NZ.
-- neutrinos_shadow, Oct 08 2010

Ah, Wes Thailand! Wes and I went to school together but lost touch at the end of the 80s.
-- jonthegeologist, Oct 10 2010

What a coincidence, I used to have to get a bus which stopped just before the end of the 80s (around 86 or 88)
-- Dub, Dec 08 2010

You are right. We should 86 this "idea". [+]
-- baconbrain, Dec 08 2010

No this idea wasn't in 1984 by george orwell
-- metarinka, Dec 11 2010

was that the 77, [dub]?
-- po, Dec 11 2010

I don't really hate the talking heads on TV. But at least on occasion, show me some leg.
-- theircompetitor, Dec 11 2010

Heads on TV in the 80's. Very dubious haircuts. Same goes for legs...
-- saedi, Dec 12 2010

Who had very W's haircuts? And why? I don't know how that man became president.
-- baconbrain, Dec 12 2010

Faye W's hair cuts? I know it's fine, but I wouldn't use it as a cheese knife.
-- PeterSilly, Dec 12 2010

faze out haircuts? Because the scissors are as dangerous as imported Chinese goods.
-- reclaimbozeman, Dec 13 2010

I sometimes like to get a fade haircut in the summer.
-- rcarty, Jan 04 2011

My summer fell off after one of those
-- Dub, Feb 28 2011

You're lucky it was just some! A guy I know lost the whole shebang. Now he has to carry a sign.
-- bungston, Feb 28 2011

I tell you what if you didn't carry the sign in that dastardly COBOL you would make a bad SUM-er.
-- 4whom, Feb 28 2011

It’s called “carry oot” in Scotland.
-- pocmloc, Feb 28 2011

Sure, I'll buy a pair of Scottish custom boots!
-- xxobot, Mar 01 2011

I think I got it.

[+] What do you do with edited annotations?
-- pashute, Mar 01 2011

Gottit? I think it was Godot...
-- not_morrison_rm, Mar 01 2011

Dilbert missed Godot although she was under the stand. That's what made her the last person.
-- pashute, Mar 01 2011

Ah! Lars Perrsohn! One of my favourite Norwegian singers.
-- jonthegeologist, Mar 31 2011

I love the smell of burning Scandinavian pine in the morning.
-- nineteenthly, Mar 31 2011

yes, the wickerman, a great movie.
-- po, Mar 31 2011

Does anyone remember the busload of kids he saved? No.
But he has relations with just 'one' horse ...
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 31 2011

Why would anyone remember that he chose an investment based on minors stored in public transport?

And measuring the poverty of his family on a scale of equestrian ownership is relevant?
-- Twizz, Mar 31 2011

Who, Edward Woodwood? And it would have been Scotch Pine.
-- zen_tom, Mar 31 2011

Actually I think Westwood is filled with perennials.
-- Voice, Mar 31 2011

Anyway to get back onto the subject at hand, I would say that I have two left feet.
-- pocmloc, Mar 31 2011

Most of us are able to say that we have two feet left - that's the number we started out with.
-- normzone, Mar 31 2011

Most but not all. Especially those few of us who have dyslexia. They would miss left with right, and mix F with T. It then becomes an impossible feat to accomfish.
-- pashute, Mar 31 2011

You bungeed your foot to a fish - you sort it out.
-- Twizz, Apr 01 2011

I _have_ thought about it, thank you very much, and no, I'm _still_ not hungry for fish!
-- Alterother, Apr 01 2011

Bun, but this is hardly a game... I do this all the time in normal conversation, just to mess with people.
-- In No Particular Order, Apr 01 2011

Some of the time, my internet connection is OK, but often the website I want is down.
-- pocmloc, Apr 02 2011

Juan Disdown? Quite sure he was the Eurovision entry for Spain in 2006.
-- jonthegeologist, May 20 2011

-- ShawnBob, May 20 2011

//Huh?// sp. "Huh?"
-- mouseposture, May 20 2011

huh's on first.
-- theircompetitor, May 20 2011

Hughes did not write that.
-- neelandan, May 21 2011

I don't want to know about your huge anus.
-- Alterother, May 21 2011

Send us the photos anyway.
-- infidel, May 21 2011

Have attached them to homing rabbit.
-- pocmloc, May 21 2011

I thought that they'd quickly gone extinct?
-- Dub, Aug 06 2016

My apologies, I've been working in the garden all day. I'll go and have a nice long shower now.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Aug 09 2016

Do apologies look similar to daisies?
-- ixnaum, Aug 09 2016

That's heliotropes. Apologies are the points on the orbit furthest from Earth.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 09 2016

What's a point, really. Just an abstraction in a long line of abstractions.
-- theircompetitor, Aug 09 2016

But I had my wisdom teeth out years ago!
-- BunsenHoneydew, Aug 11 2016

Put them away then. It's never too late.
-- pocmloc, Aug 11 2016

Two lattes is just gauche. One venti mocha for me, thanks.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2016

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