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A bowl made for cereale.

I HATE soggy cereale: I invent the depression bowl, witch prevents this tragedy by only letting it contact the milk for a limited time.

The depression bowl consists of a deeper part witch you put milk in, and a shallow part that you store the cereale on until it's time to submerge it. There is a ridge in-between to prevent spillover.

To use, you
Turn the deep part so its towards you pore the milk into the deep part,
Put the cereale onto the flat part
Push some into the milk
(repeat steps 3,4,5, and 6 as necessary)

Hu?? What's he talking about??

Go see the image coming in 30 - 29 - 28...
-- my-nep, Jun 29 2004

(?) Picture! http://mysite.veriz...erine.holt/gal2.htm
#1 [my-nep, Oct 06 2004]

My cereal needs this depression bowl.
+ [sartep, Oct 06 2004]

hardly original http://www.totallya...crunchprotector.htm
Google shows it was 'invented' by at least four others since then [FarmerJohn, Oct 06 2004]

[bungston, Oct 06 2004]

I understand. I would buy this. Have a croissant to go with your cereal.
-- swimr, Jun 29 2004

The pic is up
-- my-nep, Jun 29 2004

Could also work for salad with a runny salad dressing.
-- robinism, Jun 29 2004

I know I'm a few years late. Awesome idea.

Here's my spin on it. The shallow part, the "shelf," would be 360 degrees, surrounding the smaller, deep part in the center. The shelf would probably be a couple inches wide. There is a separate part, a cone whose base has a diameter slightly greater than the diameter of the circle formed by the inner edge of the shelf. Place the cone on the bowl, then pour the cereal, as generously as you wish--the cone prevents any cereal from entering the center. Set aside the cone, and all the cereal remains on the shelf. Pour the milk into the center, and spoon cereal into milk as desired (as per the original idea).
-- bnip, Sep 18 2007

Then again, one could just use a normal bowl and smaller portions.
-- bnip, Sep 18 2007

Surely this can get more halfbaked. As a novelty to keep children occupied at the breakfast table, one could construct from a kit produced by either Meccano or Lego, a much more complicated system.

Several miniature JCB buckets with small holes in hang from a chain conveyer belt. The bucket drags through the cereal collecting a couple of spoonfuls of wheaty goodness. The bucket then rises a short amount before descending into the milk. After the dairy wading the scoop travels towards the unloading area picking up a tiny sprinkle of sugar on the way. At the end of its travels, the cereal is either turned out onto a waiting tongue or drops into a holding dish where it can be eaten with a spoon.

This will be the first project I attempt with Lego Mindstorms.
-- marklar, Sep 18 2007

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