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Fashion: Badge
Designer Stains   (0)  [vote for, against]
a fashionable way to cover those unsightly spills

Minutes before that big meeting and you've managed to drip coffee on yourself? Don't want to go all day with that jelly stain from breakfast?

Designer stains: Liquid logos that soak into your clothing and cover spills. A handy kit consisting of various colors and a variety of manufacturer logos. A quick application will turn that coffee drip into the nike swoosh, chocolate droppings into the penguin logo and spilled jelly into a crocodile. Larger kit consists of sports logos, reebok, adidas and the like, for those oversized spills.

Special stain-lifting additives will ensure that both the original spill as well as the designer overlay will easily wash out at the end of the day.
-- rbl, Aug 03 2003

here, stick this croissant somewhere appropriate <grin>
-- po, Aug 03 2003

I'd rather wear a stain than a Nike swoosh, but that's just me.
-- snarfyguy, Aug 03 2003

"What happened to your shirt?"
"Oh, I spilled Reebok on it this morning."
-- Fred Sanford, Aug 03 2003

He might work at Burger King
-- DeathNinja, Aug 03 2003

a few suggestions: 1 people never seem to spill just where companies put logos, on the upper left corner underneath the'd look stupid with a shirt that had a logo over your stomach

2 wouldn't it be smarter to take your liquid substance that "soak into your clothing and cover spills" and provide it in a large selection of colors? people would simply match the color to the shirt and apply it... that way, you don't have a nike swoosh on your dress shirt or tie or whatever.

3 if we had stain lifting additives that could ensure that spills "will easily wash out at the end of the day" I wouldn't still have a coffee stain on a t shirt from two months ago. If you can develope truly effective stain removers, you don't need brand logos.
-- hopeful, Aug 04 2003

hey you are new. hello to you. stick around we need logic, well rbl does.
-- po, Aug 04 2003

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