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Advertising logos with a smack!(With the help of a Newton's Cradle)

Lost that all important advertising campaign to the opposition? Swinging conker balls are a entertaining and wasteful way to watch advertising in action.

Swing and collied with the juxtaposed logo'd conkers. With hilarity and promptitude the conkers smash into each other obliterating their competition.

Small Volvo imprinted water balloons are always an option.
-- skinflaps, Feb 25 2005

Conkers http://www.junkyard...2000pix/conkers.jpg
[skinflaps, Feb 25 2005]

Newton's Cradle http://www.gadgethu...llsize/newton-l.gif
[skinflaps, Feb 25 2005]

Conkers http://www.woodland...ustoms/conkers.html
[skinflaps, Feb 26 2005]

I think you need to explain conkers for us americans. I read a novel that had the game in it once and I was completely lost because of it.
-- evilsheep, Feb 26 2005

Ya lost me
-- mack2, Feb 26 2005

I don't think the conkers would hit hard enough to smash 'em
-- po, Feb 26 2005

Ah po, I have a secret reciepe for stiffening outer casing if interested? Involves vinegar.
-- skinflaps, Feb 26 2005

and halfbaking?
-- po, Feb 26 2005

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