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Let them know, without speaking

If you leave a mobile phone on in a meeting (be it on silent or otherwise) and it calls, you've got a number of options:

1. Answer it (impolite)
2. Ignore it (also impolite)
3. Use Dialtone voicemessage

t-mobile here in the UK offer the ability to jazz up the dialtone that the people ringing you can hear with a music overlay. Entertaining certainly, but not useful.

The dialtone voicemessage uses the same feature, but overlays your recorded voice from the phone itself. As the phone rings, pressing a number opts to add a different voicemessage to the dialtone for the caller.

Examples that I'd use include : "I'm in a meeting, I'll call you back" ... "I'm driving and unable to answer your call" ... "It's too noisy here, I'll call you when it's quieter" ... "I'm in a public place, call you when more private"
-- jonthegeologist, Mar 28 2007

Dialtone music http://www.t-mobile...Christmas_offer.htm
.. the inspiration. (1st para under t-mobile music) [jonthegeologist, Mar 28 2007]

Bun! Very useful idea. I'd buy it if it were made!
-- wolstech, Mar 28 2007

4. Smile apologetically and just turn the phone off?
-- xipetotec, Mar 28 2007

//edit your annotation// nah, leave it! ;)
-- po, Mar 29 2007

[+] Just remember to keep it up to date. A friend of mine still has "Feliz Navidad" on her phone, and its almost Easter.
-- Hunter79764, Mar 29 2007

Once they have left you a voicemail the phone should then ring again, singing the contents of the voicemail over the top of the ringtone, thus enabling stealth delivery of important messages whilst you pretend to struggle to find the red button.
-- wagster, Mar 30 2007

For business users, integrate with your outlook calendar.

If someone calls while you have an appointment "I am currently unavailable, I should be free in xx minutes"" where xx is digitally spoken.
-- sprogga, Mar 31 2007

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