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Differential Amplifier   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Use the linearity of resistance to feed a feedback guided amp

This is probably my first real invention that I thought of in college in response to a class where we were supposed to "design and build a audio amplifier" back in 1985. (God, has it been 25 years!) I read that blurb about the class and developed a unique amp that I expected to wow the class with. Sadly the class was really just a BS lab where we had to figure out resistance values to make a predesigned amp work and most people just bugged the TA till he gave them the answers.

Normal amplifiers of the day and maybe still to this day relied on the linearity of short nearly linear sections of transistor tangent shaped power curves to provide correct amplification. My idea was to feed back the output of an amp through a resistor which has a linear voltage curve and then compare that voltage to the input voltage, and correct for differences. This wouldn't work for high frequencies, but should work very well for audio range frequencies.
-- MisterQED, Jan 21 2010

I need a lot more detail than this. How are we not going to have a picosecond length feedback loop?
-- WcW, Jan 21 2010

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