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Digital Heraldry   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Use language of heraldry to describe digital images

I propose we develop heraldry for digital images such as selfies, cartoons, and memes. Such images could be described using terms based on the language of heraldry, which defines and describes coats of arms using only textual language. This practice would have the benefits of: - Reducing image storage space requirements, - Allowing text-based searches, and - Enabling access and participation by the visually impaired.

Example: Here's a rendering of a popular type of selfie wherein a woman in yoga pants poses in front of a mirror and shows off her tatoo:

Argent on a Woman Rampant in front of a bathroom mirror expressing Duck Lips Gules wearing Yoga Pants Sable Tank Top Argent on dexter Forearm tattooed, videlicet within a Riband fimbriated Sable bearing the motto MY HART BELONG'S TO DADDY in letters Gules.

Smashing, eh wot?
-- luxlucet, Mar 11 2018

When I posted this half-baked good, I didn't realize that MaxwellBuchanan had already posted his similar (yet much more completely developed) Tag Heraldry only 6 days earlier. My apologies to M. Buchanan. No plagiarism intended.
-- luxlucet, Mar 26 2018

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