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A movie that is different every time you see it

Given the upcoming advances in technology, this idea may become possible, and potentially used for good, in the right hands.

Using digital projection, a computer program could be sent with the movie file, so that the movie can change dynamically. I'm not suggesting the plot, action, dialogue be any different, but only editing and camera angles.

This way, a scene could focus on one character's point of view on one viewing, but the next time it concentrates on someone else.

Or, extra scenes could be added over time to get die hard fans to return to catch the new info.
-- zero5, Jun 13 2002

Simultaneous parallel film releases http://www.halfbake...l_20film_20releases
[phoenix, Jun 13 2002]

What's up Tiger Lily
[not_morrison_rm, Mar 19 2013]

i think showing a movie from two different point of views could make it seem more real in the end.

maybe it could put in more/less violence, or other things, depending on what the viewer likes/dilikes? without really changing the story
-- JollyRoger, Jun 19 2002

that would be a great thing. it would get more people to see the same movie twice and the filmmakers would get even more money. The movies "GO" or "Mystery Train", it's kind of like that. It's one movie, but it's divided into several parts and each part follows one character. And each time we finish following a character, we go back in time and follow another one. And they're all connected in some way, so when you see something strange happen to one character, you know what happned later, when you're following an other character. It's a little hard to explain, but it's entertaining to watch.
-- consumer, Jun 19 2002

The magic of DVD already (and specifically) allows multiple camera angles and different plot lines (hence, presumably, viewpoints) for the same movie. Can't yet dynamically update them, though, I don't believe.
-- DrCurry, Jun 20 2002

How strange that both consumer and jollyroger came to the bakery on June 19th 2002, after Zero5's idea went flop.
-- [ sctld ], Jun 20 2002

Some of my children's DVDs consist of a set of short independent episodes - which can essentially be watched in any order. A few of them allow for this with a shuffle-play function. (This is advantageous because otherwise the first few episodes get over-watched.)

I suspect that this is done by selecting the playlist from a set. This being determined either through the exact time interval from menu-screen opening to button press, or derived from the date and time. I don't know what the scripting facilities are on DVD, but clearly the minimum necessary for the basic form of this idea is available.
-- Loris, Mar 18 2013

What's up Tiger Lily would seem to have the right approach, or any film where people where masks a lot (V for Vendatta/whatever the latest Batman iteration with Bane in it), you can just pick the overdub that matches your target.
-- not_morrison_rm, Mar 19 2013

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