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Digital Radio for local broadcasting   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
an alternative to IR in wireless audio products

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) works by broadcasting digital signals within a given radio frequency range [in the uk its 217.5 - 230.0 MHz]

The audio signal is digitally encoded, transmitted and then decoded by a DAB unit.

DAB can also be used to broadcast data and text and its this facility that I think can be further exploited.

If a transmitting unit can send data which can be received elsewhere, then it is possible to have these two units bond by via a handshake protocol.

Once bonded, these units could then transmit data/music/text.

Why do i propose this? If there was a single digital frequency made available for local broadcasting [over a 100m range for example], we could all use radio to transmit where we currently use IR or FM broadcasting. Applications could be

wireless headphones speakers around the house mp3 or portable cd players in cars
-- jonthegeologist, Sep 19 2003

DAB - a short guide
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Digital radio was invented by Marconi. He just used a very very slow bit rate!
-- mr2560, Sep 19 2003

Around here they call it "Wireless" ... as if it was something "New" instead of over 100 years old! (Radio was called "wireless" before it had sound)
-- mr2560, Sep 19 2003

seems like I spark off ideas for you RT. Pleased to help!
-- jonthegeologist, Sep 19 2003

How about using Wi-Fi and Icecast instead?

What I want is an Rendezvous capable, wi-fi enabled iPod that can stream the current output as Icecast (to whatever's listening) and share files with other iPods or Rendezvous-enabled (aka ZeroConf) computers. If anyone's at Apple's listening, I reckon you'd be on to a real winner... and all I ask for my thoughts is a test unit ;-)
-- orangejon, Jul 24 2004

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