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for rotational cursors.

A mouse with a small knob between your thumb and index finger, which will allow you to rotate your cursor, using appropriate software.
-- BJS, Jun 29 2006

Directional Cursors Directional_20Cursors
[BJS, Jun 30 2006]

Mouses already have three axes - up/down, left/right, plus the scroll wheel. You suggest adding a 4th axis, but why? Why not a 5th, 6th and 7th as well?

I think that 3 axes may be the practical limit for what can (and possibly should) be controlled with just one hand.
-- Texticle, Jun 30 2006

I could handle it...
-- BJS, Jun 30 2006

i can see some control by tilting the mouse this way and that, or rotating it slightly on the mousepad. I don't know that the two mechanisms should be seperated or not, tho...
-- ironfroggy, Jun 30 2006

I think a perfect example of this would be modern joystick controlled construction equipment that uses a twisting motion as well as forward/back and left right.(and many have buttons and scroll wheels as well) why not just add a second wheel then you could twist the whole mouse as needed.
-- jhomrighaus, Jun 30 2006

But why do we have to rotate the cursor in the first place?
-- sridhar236, Jun 30 2006

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